OKO Odyssey 6-in-1 Water Filter Bottle

By: on April 26, 2014
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OKO, pronounced "ooko", means "eco" in Swiss German. The company's line of water bottles with built-in filtration systems incorporate a customized blend of food-safe, BPA-free plastics and water purification technology originally designed for use in NASA space stations. The latter has been lab tested to remove 99.999% of bacteria, including giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium, plus other seriously harmful contaminants from water. OKO's latest bottle release, the 650 ml Odyssey, takes this foundation and tops it with a few swell enhancements, such as a screw-in flashlight and lantern module, sure to please hikers, campers, and other outdoor fanatics.

The Odyssey's detachable water filter, lighting, and storage units make it a multi-functional support tool suitable for both everyday use and special applications. The package includes a cup/storage attachment, a Level 1 and a Level 2 filter, and an adapter that serves both as a flashlight and a lantern.

Threaded to the bottom of the Odyssey, the cup and storage vessel carries a capacity of 8 fluid ounces for liquids. I can also hold snacks, keys, coins, pills, or big fat buds. L1 and L2 filters swap out at the top of the bottle, depending on what type of water drinkers have access to during use. Level 1s are carbon-based, and meet NSF Std. 42 for reducing chlorine, taste, and odor. Their predominant use is for tap water. L1 filters have a fast flow and 100 gallon capacity. Level 2 filters, the NASA tech companions, step in when taps are replaced by the great wide open, and drinking sources are limited to questionable bodies of water. This filter may be used in over 140 countries worldwide, and also has a capacity of 100 gallons.

Odyssey's flashlight module subs in for its storage unit to provide illumination in the woods or when I wake up still semi-drunk and having apparently passed out in an unidentified's house's hydrangea bush. (Mmmm, at least I smell good.) The light is a bright LED with a single reflective lens that also reverses to shine inside the Odyssey bottle when a lantern is preferable to a focused beam. The bottle bottom's slight concave shape helps spread the light, and the handle on top of it becomes a hanger.

You can check out OKO's Odyssey video here.

Muchas danke to Manny for the Dude Product Tip.

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