NoZipp Ultralight Zipperless Sleeping Bag

By: on December 14, 2016
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Wrestling with your sleeping bag on a night that's colder than a polar bear's toenails because the F'ing zipper is all caught up in the F'ing nylon F'ing mother F'er F'ing sucks. A similar number of F bombs are warranted when the reverse happens, and you're stuck mummified inside when you need to take a pee in the middle of the night, or are ready to get out of the bag in the middle of the afternoon. Zippers and their cantankerous zippery teeth can be a giant P in the A eating up fabric, decaying and breaking off, or refusing to stick together when they're joined. Know what isn't a giant P in the A? Powerful, precisely-aligned magnets that take the place of a zipper in the NoZipp sleeping bag.

NoZipp says their magnetic closure system is way faster and way more reliable than the industry standard metal teeth. The sleeping bag has batwing flaps lined with a series of strong magnets. When you climb inside, all you need do is Dracula your wings to your chest at bedtime to lock the magnets, and the heat, inside. You can even do it upside down. Check out a GIF here. And a closeup of the magnetic closure here.

NoZipp Sleeping Bags have 20 Denier, water-resistant ripstop nylon outer and inner shells, stuffed with 850+ water-resistant duck down. Bags are rated for wide-swinging temps, with a lower limit of 15 degrees F (comfort limit 27 degrees F) when fully closed. In addition to the magnetic "zip" system, NoZipp features and specs include:

  • Multiple draft barriers, including an oversized torso baffle for extra warmth at the core, and a full size neck collar and hood cinch.
  • An expandable shape, from mummy to roomy depending on temperature.
  • A larger leg cut for side sleepers.
  • A compression and storage sack.
  • Weight is 2 pounds, 8 ounces.
  • Regular (6'2") and Long sizes (6'8").
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