Military-Style Crash Cot

By: on April 17, 2014
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A folding metal cot covered in heavy-duty polyester fabric. You wanna crash at my place, that's what you're getting. It's pretty comfortable though. Body-contouring. And at 77" x 25", with legs reinforced with steel pipe inserts, as long and strong as the best of them. I know because I actually sleep on the cot myself when I've had too many White Russians and sense an 80% or better probability that I'm going to wake up with everything in my mouth's vicinity covered in upchucked vodka and dairy. That polyester cover? Fully washable and mildew-resistant.

Earth Products' military-style cot for camping or crashing folds easily from man-size to man-hands-size for portability on the move and space-saving stowing in the closet. Setup time runs 2 minutes or less, and broken-down measurements are 37" long x 8" wide x 5" tall. The cot also includes a side storage bag system, pillow, and handled carrying case. Its anodized aluminum structure has a 350-pound weight capacity, which is perfect because I'm a strapping 220, and don't usually invite girls who weigh more than 110 pounds into my cot anyway.

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EURO Blackcan Hot Water Heated Camping Mat

$389.99 from Amazon »

Yep, the EURO Blackcan hot water heated camping mat looks like it will keep you nice and warm at night during winter or high altitude camping trips. But I prefer another, way, way less complicated and expensive method...

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The Camperbox - Backseat Bed in a Bag

$157 - $175 from The Camperbox »

It's like The Camperbox read my mind. I was just talking about sleeping in a van down by the river. But it was in reference to Raptor's Platform XL fishing boat, what I consider to be the water-faring version of a van...

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Chill Sack 8-Foot Bean Bag Chair

$421.24 from Amazon »

They call it the Chill Sack only to avoid the lawyers' C&D letter or profit-sharing demands from a major corporation. But you can go ahead and call this giant 8-foot bean bag chair built for two (or three!) like it is:...

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The Tentanic 1,000-Person Tent

$11,882 from Firebox.com »

Ahhh, the Tentanic is cruising towards shore just in time for both camping season, and the 3D re-release of Leonardo DiCaprio's most humiliating 3 hours on the big screen. A 1:2 scale replica of the luxurious Titanic...

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Kamp-Rite Double Tent Cot

$229.59 from Amazon »

A double Kamp-Rite Tent Cot?! Now that's a fine looking piece of sleeping dry and critter-free amidst the glory of nature and a liter of hooch. But my girlfriend hates camping. I only go with my friend Cornelius and...

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Kamp-Rite Oversize Tent Cot

$159.99 from Amazon »

A tent cot. It's the combination of a covered and raised shelter. It's the midpoint between sleeping on the ground and sleeping in a tree. It's the lightweight, portable companion to your ventures into the wild. Or the...

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Wearable Sleeping Bag

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Sweet, a onesie for temperatures even colder than my parents keep their house. Selk'bag's wearable sleeping bags cater to all outdoor enthusiasts looking to stay warm without the constriction of a traditional rectangular...

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Sleeping Bag Chair

Someone please tell me this is the new proposed design for airplane seats. The Cocon is an armchair with an integrated sleeping bag. Designed by Celine Merhand and Anais Morel of Les M, the piece endeavors initiate "maximum...

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Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag for Dogs

$99.95 from Amazon »

Ruffwear sure knows how to capture a happy family. Mom. Dad. Baby Doggo in its very own baby doggo sleeping bag nestled in between. Awww, how adorable. Guess who woves their wittle baby doggo!...

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Sleeping Bag Sofa

I've slept on my sofa for the past 2-1/2 years. I've even slept in my sleeping bag on my sofa. But until now the two were not a happy combination, as the outsides of sleeping bags are slippery, and the heights of sofas...

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Marvel Superhero Wearable Sleeping Bags

$149 from Amazon »

I've seen Selk'bags around here before. Wearable sleeping bags that fit and move like onesies, but snooze like a sack rated for chilly slumbers in the great outdoors. Pretty sweet. And now, with this new Marvel line of...

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Convertible Bean Bag Chair Bed

$425 from Amazon »

A full-size bed that pulls out of a bean bag chair: sweet. A full-size bed you have to stuff back inside a bean bag chair when you're done with it: hope you didn't have plans this weekend. I'd rather carry a couch 5 blocks...