Goose, Wingman of the Road Motorcycle Tent

Posted: April 25, 2019
Goose, Wingman of the Road Motorcycle Tent

Here's hoping Wingman of the Road's Goose doesn't bite it, leaving you despondent and questioning your need, your need for speed, at the peak of your story arc. More than a simple motorcycle tent, Goose is all-in-one camping system designed to pack down behind you as you ride, and then set up integrated with your bike, turning it into the tent's wingman, when you decide it's time to crash.

Er, not that kind of crash.

Wingman of the Road says Goose takes just a few minutes to set up, and pitches on any type of terrain. The tent is made of 420-gram ripstop canvas and heavy duty PVC flooring, waterproof and built with zippable fly screen layers on all 4 access points for cross-ventilation. It stands on aluminum poles and pegs.

The Goose package also includes a canvas wing / awning to attach to your bike to create sheltered storage space for your riding gear, as well as cover motorcycle seat and tank. You'll get a high density foam mattress with removable cover and a sleeping bag too. The pre-aged canvas cover the Goose tent packs down into doubles as a picnic blanket.

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