Garmin Foretrex Hiking GPS

By: on December 30, 2014
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Not that I really want to go outside at all until June rolls back around, but if in February Bear Grylls were to invite me on a televised trekking adventure like he did Deion Sanders, I would probably get Garmin's Foretrex 401 GPS to take along. Or, more likely, sneak along since Bear doesn't seem to approve of any devices that can save your life that aren't twigs, fishing line, and commercial gear whose sale returns him a profit. (Atta boy, Bear. Who says you can't be a survivalist and a capitalist?)

The Foretrex 401 is a low-profile GPS navigator that mounts to the wrist for hands-free gallivanting in the unmarked outdoors. It contains a waterproof GPS receiver, electronic compass, and barometric altimeter to give hikers, skiers, and campers the peace of mind of knowing that they will always make it back to civilization safely. Precluding missteps on cliffs, avalanches, and encounters with hungry bears, of course.

The Foretrex tracks your path as you move and displays it as a dotted trail on the unit's black-and-white, 1.4" x 0.9" LCD screen. Turn on its TracBack feature and you'll be able to retrace your path back to your starting point. The GPS system also records bearing and altitude. It can save locations such as campsites and vehicles as separate waypoints, as well as entire routes over the long term so you'll always be able to relive those that are particularly swell or memorable.

Connect the Foretrex 401 to a computer and go online to get a detailed analysis of your activities with Garmin Connect. There you can view your own routes on a Google Earth map, as well as check out routes from other Garmin product users. The Foretrex 401 uses replaceable AAA batteries for up to 17 hours of life per use.

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Embrava Best Ever Water Bottle

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Sonnet - Off-Grid Mobile Communication

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NavoPed Self-Walking Shoes

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Waterproof Socks

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Showers Pass made these waterproof socks to keep athletes' and other F the rain weather warriors' feet dry when they run, hike, and bike in anything from light drizzles to torrential downpours....

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ManCan Personal Keg System

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TurnPoint Smart Motorcycle Glove

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The TurnPoint Glove is a navigation wearable for motorcycle riders. It makes following GPS maps and directions easier (and safer) because you don't have to find a nonexistent windshield, dash, or air vent on your bike...

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SPOT - Smartphone-Satellite Connector

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