Fistral Compact Inflatable Tent

Posted: May 27, 2015
Fistral Compact Inflatable Tent

You might remember Heimplanet's other inflatable geometric wonder, the Cave tent. For its 40" interior height and 54 square feet of floor space, it still manages to break down to a manageable pack size, adding just 11-1/2 pounds of weight to your gear. But if you want even more compactness and portability (plus a slightly lower price point), and are cool with a 1- to 2-person rather than a 3- to 4-person tent, the company's new Fistral might be more at your inflation level.

Fistral requires no parts assembly. Its inner tent, fly sheet, and inflatable frame are integrated to work as one, going from flat on the ground to Come on in! with the simple attachment of a pump. Well, that and whatever physical effort it takes you to Hans & Franz that bad boy up.

The Fistral tent has two entrances with vestibules for use as cooking or storage space. The entrance fabric on both sides also rolls up for sunset or to take in sweeping views of places like those in the Heimplanet photos. Places I'll probably never see in my lifetime. Unless a kind benefactor, such as Bill Gates or Angelina Jolie, reaches out through the contact form below and offers to send me there. Fistral interior fabric consists of no-see-um mesh and has a few built-in pockets for additional storage. It has a pair of ventilation openings at the fly sheet.

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