Firebox 5" Folding Campfire Stove

Posted: January 12, 2015
Firebox 5" Folding Campfire Stove
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From minimalist survival treks to broke down cars in the middle of nowhere to the squirrel I took out with my Big Bore blowgun that my mama won't let me cook up in her house, Firebox's 5" Folding Campfire Stove will provide anyone with limited storage space quick or emergency access to heat and a cooking medium.

The US-made, 18-gauge stainless steel kit folds flat to a thickness of less than 1/2", with length-width dimensions of just 5" x 7" and a weight of 2.2 pounds. The Firebox's 5" combustion chamber burns efficiently, and accepts a nearly limitless range of fuels, including wood, solid fuel tablets, alcohol gel cans, and eco bricks. To use, place your flamer of choice in the assembled stove and ignite from the top or bottom through its fire grate.

This Folding Campfire Stove set includes a grill plate. Firebox accessories, such as additional grill plates, boil plates, and fire sticks are sold separately.

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