DriDown Sleeping Bag

Posted: April 26, 2013
DriDown Sleeping Bag

I believe the DriDown sleeping bag weighs only 1lb 12oz because when I picked one up and hit my friend Cornelius over the head with it he hardly even flinched. It took him, like, 8 seconds before he realized what happened and remembered to yell, "Stahhhhp iiiiiit!" like the big old girl that he is. He calmed down pretty quick though when I unraveled it from its liner and told him he could zip up and take a cozy DriDown nap on my Couch of Champions.

The sleeping bag's veins, pumped with hydrophobic DriDown insulation, claim their reign over standard down stuffing in the following areas:

  • Dryness. Sleeping bag stays dry 10 times longer than those filled with untreated down.
  • Warmness. Rated to a comfort range of 25 degrees F (and lower limit of 13 degrees F), DriDown also retains 170% more loft than normal when exposed to moisture and humidity.
  • Fastness. Dries 33% faster than a wet goose.

The featured 800-fill Cal 13 DriDown sleeping bag bears InsoTect Flow vertical baffles, an ultralight jacket-style hood, a 40-inch zipper with snag-free tracks, and a 10D nylon ripstop shell and liner to shave weight. Size Regular fits people 6 feet and under, and size Long fits real men. Oh, put a sock in it, Cornelius. You got a lot more than height standing between you and the title of Real Man.

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