Campfire Defender - Cover, Prolong, or Extinguish

Posted: December 28, 2016
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Use the Campfire Defender to safely snuff out your pyre of flames without dumping vats of water and piles of dirt onto it, and without steaming up ash and soot, and leaving yourself with a sopping wet fire pit to tend to tomorrow.

Use the Campfire Defender to to safely contain your burning embers overnight or during a hike with coated glass fiber material that doesn't reach its combustion point until 3000 degrees F, and remains cool to the touch on the outside.

Use the Campfire Defender to safely control the burn rate of your coals; the pinwheel vent embedded in its cover manages airflow and can prolong their life for over 8 hours.

Use the Campfire Defender to safely deter kids and animals from poking around the fire pit, and to keep them from getting burned if they brush its edges.

Campfire Defender says their covers' military-grade extreme temperature bottom sides and high-temp, weather-resistant polymer top coats block out the heat of rumbling coals and embers, plus keep your fire pit free from rain and snow for at least 50 uses. The center pinwheel is made of aluminum and fully adjustable for airflow control. Total cover dimensions are 68" x 60". Campfire Defender kits include the cover, a pair of fire stakes, utility gloves, 8 x glow-in-the-dark aluminum tent stakes, an LED flashlight, and a canvas carrying bag.

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