AutoHome Roof Top Tents

Posted: March 08, 2013
AutoHome Roof Top Tents
$2,499 - $4,999
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I was just thinking how awesome it would be if for once I could wake up on the roof of my car on purpose. Good lookin' out, AutoHome tents. The roof top--or truck bed--pop ups store flat overhead while driving, and then (allegedly) deploy in seconds when it's time to slumber. An obvious choice for car camping and fishing/hunting excursions, roof top tents also make spiffy additions to road trips, music festivals, and overzealous nights of drinking.

AutoHome deals in two kinds of roof top tents, the rectangular Maggiolina brand and the tipi-styled Columbus. Both dominate ground-dwelling tents in the categories of: away from mud; away from surface water; away from bugs; and away from snakes. However, earthbound tents do win recognition for their ability to prevent free-falling 4 to 5 feet and breaking your nose when you go to pee in the middle of the night and forget you've been sleeping on the top of your car. This happened to my friend Ashley once, but it wasn't in an AutoHome roof top tent, it was in a bunk bed in a hostel in Frankfurt.

Maggiolina and Columbus tent models are made to withstand the elements of all 4 seasons, and attach directly to standard roof rack cross bars, such as Thule or Yakima. Their construction includes a light, strong internal sub-frame that incorporates an insulating foam sandwich to withstand cold and wet conditions, and minimize condensation under the mattress. Shells are thin and aerodynamic, made of durable fiberglass (or optional carbon fiber) that's both washable and easy to maintain.

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