Simba Blue Smart Beach Lounger

Posted: June 20, 2017
Simba Blue Smart Beach Lounger

The Simba Blue beach lounger is the smart, relaxing, ultra-lazy result of a partnership between the snoozers at Simba Sleep and the beach bums the Blue Marlin resort in Ibiza. Combining Simba's layers of responsive memory foam and 2,500 conical pocket springs with smart tech that supports Blue Marlin patrons' desire to chill in the sun all day long, the beach lounger prototype could become the most coveted beach and pool accessory since The Coolest Cooler and a Brazilian model in a Sharkini.

Simba Blue beach lounger smart features include:

  • A motorized, user-controlled parasol to add more or less sun to your bronzing skin.
  • An SPF-infused facial misting system to keep the sunscreen applied, and your skin hydrated and shine-free with its cocktail of thermal spring water, aloe, bamboo, and rosewater.
  • A sun exposure tracker that keeps data on how long you've been in the sun and how strong the UV rays you've absorbed have been throughout your session's duration. The tracker sends information to a connected app that also monitors vitamin D levels and sends you sun damage alerts specific to your skin type.
  • A built-in solar-powered phone charger.
  • A built-in WiFi hotspot.
  • A safe for valuables.
  • A drink cooler.
  • An ambient LED lighting system in the parasol that emits a sleep-inducing amber hue after hours in case you're so comfy (or drunk) on your Simba mattress you just want crash out on the beach for the night.

No word on when or if the Simba Blue loungers will be available for public purchase, but if you're headed to Ibiza anytime soon, I'm sure the first batch of them will be lined up in front of the Cala Jondal Bay at the Blue Marlin.

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