SeaDuction Floating Cabanas

Posted: May 15, 2013
SeaDuction Floating Cabanas

No one complain that SeaDuction's amphibious cabanas are available only at tropical resorts, and not for public purchase, because I know that even if they were up for general grabs, all I would hear is more complaints: "Cool...but not $15,000 cool," and "$15,000 for a raft and some coolers?!" and "I'll stick with my $4.99 floaties from Target, thank you very much." And anyway, I'm sure if you contacted SeaDuction and offered them $15,000 for one of their Seduction Floats (or $30,000; I really have no idea how much this sort of land/water Mecca of relaxation, refreshing libations, and skin cancer costs) they'd probably be like, "Weeell, they're not really intended for...oh, you'll pay cash? Weeell...yeah, OK!"

The 6' x 7' couples' cabanas include multiple anchoring points to maintain water positioning in full sun, full shade, towards the beach, or off yonder into the great blue ocean. The recyclable, US-made materials used in their fabrication also supposedly reduce the surrounding radiant heat index by 15% to prevent overheating or, in my case, sweating like a busted fire hydrant and sliding right off the cushion into the mouth of Jaws during nap time.

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