Palm Island Hammock Stand

Posted: February 13, 2019
Palm Island Hammock Stand
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Not to taunt you but...check out this sweet Palm Island Hammock Stand. Its duo of faux palm trees have trunks ready to stake in the sand and support the ends of XL hammock, so you can relax as the sound of the ocean and kiss of a tropical breeze lulls you into 3 p.m. naptime. Each tree even has a built-in mister! Perfect for a gorgeous, sunny...7-degree, snow-laden Saturday in the Midwest. Or on the East Coast. Hell, even the West Coast is white and freezing this week.

Son of a beach.

On the upside, you can install the Palm Island Hammock Stand inside, under a heat lamp, if you want. The palm trees are self-supporting via a steel bar running between them, so embedding in the sand is just an obvious choice, not a requirement, if you're at the beach. As shown in some of the photos, if you want to set up your hammock on the back deck or in the grass (or in your living room) you can also get a fake grass mat to cover over the rod and make the illusion more real.

These palms trees aren't quite as strong as Mother Nature's, but Palm Island says they've been test to withstand rain and winds of up to 86 MPH.

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