Oversized Microfiber Beach Blanket

By: on May 25, 2014
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I know. I'm thinking it too. Boy is that a huge beach towel. And boy to the power of a hundred does that lady look lonely lying on it all by herself. What happens when she gets up to cool off and splash around adorably in the ocean? Who's going to hold down her 76" x 64" of ultra-thin and lightweight microfiber so it doesn't fold over or blow away? Miss, I would like to volunteer. And I can assure you I am up to the task of of remaining flat on my back, heavy and unmoving, for hours on end.


Apparently YogaRat made its beach blanket with corner pocket anchors. She can fill them with sand and it will stay neatly planted even during windy conditions. Pssshh! YogaRat. I'll say.

The SportLite microfiber beach blanket is large enough to comfortably accommodate 2 nude sunbathers, yet thin enough to roll into a compact tube that fits neatly inside a bag or picnic basket. No more hefty, cumbersome terry cloth at the ocean, park, or pool. Save that for Jedi bathrobe sexy time. Bow-chicka-bow-bow!

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Human Burrito Blanket

Sold Out from Amazon »

A couple of giant Human Burrito Blankets will make sure your Tortilla Baby knows who Mommy and Daddy are. At 5' in diameter, I'd be able to roll up one fine bean, cheese, rice, and man meat burrito in this flour tortilla...

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Nintendo Game Boy Hand Towel

$14 from Etsy »

This Nintendo Game Boy hand towel wins a 1-up, a Tetris, and a completed Triforce. Thank Elizabeth Dean of Seams Geeky for conceiving and handmaking the cotton water wicker, especially if you're on the click-hunt for...

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Sand-Free Beach Mat

$34.95 - $99.95 from Amazon »

I would like it very much if CGear's Sand-Free Multimat stayed sand-free by emitting an invisible dome barrier that repelled...no, forcefully rejected all granular compounds...and children...that got within a foot of...

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Dude Wipes

$8.99 from Amazon »

Dude Wipes: A Brief Overview of Audience and Application. Dude Wipes are for dudes. And every once in while--say, every 18 to 24 hours--dudes tend to have an especially...explosive...encounter with the bathroom. The kind...

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Mysseuse Self-Massager & Towel Holder

$19.99 from Amazon »

I've makeshift Mysseuse-d myself on the corner of a wall or door more times than I can count. And self-massages with devices like the Shiatsu Pillow and doohickies like the Beastie Bar have become pretty popular for kneading...

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The Undercover - Changing Room in a Backpack

$69 - $75 from The Undress »

The streakers, flashers, and proud displayers of crack of the world will probably take offense at The Undercover, but for the rest of us, a portable changing room that carries our change of, or changed-out-of, clothes...

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Monster Towel - World's Biggest Beach Towel

$89.95 from Amazon »

Why have a threesome when you can have a fivesome? The Monster Towel is the World's Orgy-est Beach Towel! Oh, uh, I mean, the World's Biggest Beach Towel! At least that's what the people who make the 10' x 10' Monster...

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Jedi Bathrobe

$33.99 from Amazon »

I bet this is the only bathrobe on Amazon--no, on the planet!--that has 121 customer reviews! 121 reviews! 159 if you count its second listing here. 159 reviews*! Of a bathrobe. I know it's a Jedi bathrobe and it has...

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Alligator Beach Towel Anchor Stakes

Sold Out from Amazon »

I don't know if these Beach Towel Anchor Stakes are alligators or crocodiles, but I do know they look ready to take a bite out of some terry cloth, and tell the wind to Blow it! this summer....

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Sand Escape Compact Beach Blanket

$29.99 from Amazon »

Big enough for the whole family, compact enough for the 4-year-old to carry. Seriously. It's time little Joey learned to start pulling his weight....

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Cheeseburger Beach Towel

$24.99 from Amazon »

Time to grease up for the beach. I started the day out with tacos, and now I'm ending it with cheeseburgers. I must be hungry today. Or, more likely--given what the taco's used for and what's on top of this cheeseburger...

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Lightload Survival Tool Towels

$6.25 from Amazon »

Lightload claims theirs are the "only towels that are survival tools!" So like, for when you're on a third date with She-Ra: Princess of Power, and the waiter asks how spicy you want your Jungle Curry, and you say, "5...