Focal Mogo - The Human Kickstand

Posted: August 13, 2013
Focal Mogo - The Human Kickstand

Mogo is a portable seat. It folds. It does not weigh very many pounds. It functions indoors and out, on grass, concrete, and sand alike. Mogo looks like a peg leg extending from your butt. Or what might happen when the idiomatic expression about having a stick up one's ass comes to literal fruition. Never mind that, though, what human wouldn't want a corporal kickstand? I for one have always been lazy and contrary, and now I'm getting old on top of it. An instant chair I can almost fit in my back pocket for standing in line, standing at shows, standing at tailgates, standing outside my ex's window trying to be romantic until I realize she has a different word for it and I end up standing around talking to the po...the applications are nearly endless, and the possibilities for an improvement in my disposition, and reduction in my chiropractor and massage therapist bills palpable.

Though my massage therapist is like the Incredible Hulk wrapped in the body of Jessica Rabbit, so probably I'll continue to incur that expense whether necessary or not.

Mogo maker Focal specializes in upright furniture, and the human kickstand is the latest in their line of desks, chairs, and accessories. The mobile seat is made of anodized aluminum, rubber, and fiberglass-reinforced nylon for unfolding in 3 telescoping sections. The first lengthens to 27-1/2" and the second increases incrementally by the inch, with a full extension of up to 38". Mogo seats have been contoured and rated to accommodate butts tipping the scales at up to 200 pounds.

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