E42: What Is This Thing?

Posted: April 08, 2020
E42: What Is This Thing?
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Welcome to Edition 42 of What Is This Thing?, a visual riddle, a mind bender, a way to build some mental muscle alongside your prison body.

So what is What Is This Thing? It's one simple photo - see above - meets one simple question: what is this thing?

Here are a few hints to help you out:

  1. They'll look kinda silly while they're in use so you won't look kinda silly once they're not.
  2. A lot of people hire someone to perform the task they're used for, but with this dang Covid-19 quarantine...here comes another DIY project!
  3. If they look like fallen angel's wings to you, consider that you might dye while using them.

What is this thing? Click here to find out.

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