E3: What Is This Thing?

Posted: August 24, 2019
E3: What Is This Thing?

Welcome to the third edition of What Is This Thing?, a photographic feature of a product whose purpose isn't obvious at first glance. Maybe not even second, third, or thirtieth glance. It's a mystery I invite you to spend a few minutes trying to figure out. I'll give you some hints below.

  1. It is a standalone product, not a piece of something larger.
  2. It is highly functional, but you may never use it.
  3. It requires one, and only one, person to operate.
  4. Yes, I did blur out the product's labeling, which says what it is.

If you think you've got it, or if you're stumped, or if you just want to put an end to this irksome waste of your time, click here for the answer.

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