E18: What Is This Thing?

Posted: December 07, 2019
E18: What Is This Thing?
  • E18: What Is This Thing?
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Welcome to Edition 18 of What Is This Thing?, a photographic feature of a product whose purpose isn't obvious at first glance. This week, as with Edition 12, I'm shakin' things up like Santa's jelly belly.

What you see above isn't an entire product, but a piece of the whole. So rather than figuring out what the object is used for, I'm challenging you to tell me what the object is based only on this cutout of a one segment of it.

Here are your hints:

  1. It's a darling of the 90s.
  2. It goes with swimsuit season.
  3. Becky might not use it but Chrissy definitely would.

Think you got it, you sly master? Click here to see if you're right.

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