The Nugget Micro Home

Posted: August 15, 2017
The Nugget Micro Home

This cute little Nugget might be bigger than your kid, but...not by much. Modern Tiny Living's first micro home checks in at a mere 102 square feet and 4,500 pounds and...OK, fine. That's a lot bigger than your kid.

I hope.

With the tiny home trend at its peak, the Nugget not only gives you an ultra-efficient and ultra-cheap way to buy real estate, but its trailer design and fully off-grid functionality facilitate taking your whole house with you when you travel, move to a new city, or decide to get the H-E-double-is-this-really-real-L?! away from modern society for a while.

Inside, the Nugget micro home contains a full bathroom, kitchen sink, and sleeping area. Additional amenity and spec highlights include:

  • Metal roof, pine siding, vinyl flooring
  • Hickory butcher block countertops and mini-fridge in kitchen
  • Composting toilet and 30" x 30" shower in bathroom
  • 100-gallon fresh water tank and 12V pump
  • 4 x solar batteries and attached solar panels
  • Propane heater
  • Propane tankless water heater

If you like the trailer-style of the Nugget, check out the ESCAPE Traveler too. It's more than double the size, and cost, but I think it looks more like a contemporary, classy tiny home than a wood shed named after a lil' hunk of gold or chicken.

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