ESCAPE Traveler

By: on August 14, 2015
$65,400 - $72,800
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The ESCAPE Traveler definitely looks bigger on the inside. But I think that's more due to the trickery of those wide angle lenses the real estate industry loves using to take photos than a true touch of Whovian magic. Then again, they also say the RV/tiny home can sleep up to six. Six what? Six Russian gymnasts? According to its fact sheet, the pictured Traveler 28 is just 28' long, 8.5' wide and 13'5" tall, with 269 square feet of interior space. That's really little. I'm not sure it's enough room for me and myself, much less for me, Cornelius, Victor, Constantine....

But I will say, as really little as this modern, movable abode is, it's still really cool. A terrific option for all you eco-chic nomads out there.

Efficient and environmentally friendly, Travelers feature low E windows, high R-value insulation, and a kitchen and bathroom with full-size appliances, tub/shower, and storage closets. The upper sleeping loft contains a queen bed, and the first floor a double daybed that folds into a couch. A secondary "attic" space can also accommodate a bed if you're dead set on testing out the "sleeps 6" theory.

Traveler base model interior walls consist of 100% recycled tongue-and-groove Dakota Planking, and floors are made of vinyl. Exterior siding and trim are cedar lap with steel accent and protective panels. A 36" full-light door serves as the home's entry. Buyers have the option to upgrade most of these components. Additional RV braggin' points:

  • Large foldaway dining/work table
  • Oak cabinetry
  • On-demand hot water
  • Standard RV hook-ups: 50 amp or 30 amp electric plug; 3/4" water connection; 3" quick couple septic connection
  • Optional: big screen TV with Blu-Ray; washer/dryer; electric fireplace; dishwasher; spa tub; exterior awnings; generator

ESCAPE also makes an XL Traveler, which maintains all of the 28's key features, but adds a first floor bedroom with queen bed.

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