Cape Town Spa House

By: on July 05, 2015

Nestled into a mountainside about 10 miles south of Cape Town, South Africa, Hout Bay's extravagant Spa House sits overlooking the calming waters of the village's surrounding bay and harbor. Its panoramic spans of windows, soft rippling pool waters where most of us have front yards, brightly spacious contemporary design, and private spa facilities have earned the house official accolades for its architecture, incorporation into the environment, and tranquility. It is available for rent to anyone seeking a getaway that is stylish, ultra high class, and the embodiment of serenity.

The Spa House vision belongs to Cape Town's Metropolis Design. The firm has fashioned their Hout Bay stunner with 3 king-sized bedrooms and lavish en suite glass baths. Both interior and exterior living spaces, plus the massive infinity pool, invite expansive and unobstructed views of the encircling mountains and water. But the villa's most exclusive highlights lie in its spa installations, where guests can unwind their minds in a salt bath, sauna, and steam room, and then unfurl their muscles in a fully-equipped massage room. Spa facilities are built on the ground level, in line with the infinity pool to elicit a peaceful underwater feeling while in use.

Additional Spa House amenities include:

  • Air conditioning
  • Jacuzzi
  • Braai/BBQ
  • Balconies
  • Gardens
  • Satellite TV
  • Security alarm
  • Rates generally start at $1,055/night.

    Hout Bay

    Take a holiday from your holiday with an easy drive along an Atlantic-facing coastal road from Cape Town to Hout Bay. Breathe in scenic vistas of the lazing waters, framed by green mountains and golden sand, and take enthralling to truly awe-inspiring with a jaunt along Chapman's Peak Drive, one of the most dramatic coastal drives in the world. Along Chapman's Peak also lie the quaint peninsular towns of Noordhoek and Kommetjie.

    Hout Bay--called "Dungeons" by members of the surfing community--is one of the world's 16 recognized big wave spots. It hosts the annual Red Bull Big Wave Africa competition, and rightfully so with recorded swells measuring up to 47'.

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