Adler Thermae Spa & Resort

By: on June 21, 2015
$280 - $1,734
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Italy. Tuscany. Siena. Luxury hotel. Rejuvenating spa. Salt water grotto. It just keeps getting better. A gem amidst north central Italy's Tuscan hills, the Hotel Adler Thermae Spa & Resort is a premier destination for seekers of wellness, rejuvenation, and utter relaxation. Set atop a former quarry, the hotel makes what appears to be some pretty decent use of Tuscany's "lapis tiburtinus", travertine limestone that forms from mineral, and particularly hot springs, deposits. Adler Thermae's sprawling grounds define themselves with a fat wad of swimming pools, mineral therapeutic waters, whirlpools, saunas, and quiet nooks for self-reflexion and meditation. Or nookie. Yes, nooks for nookie sounds way better.

The Spa Adler Aquae

Soothe and invigorate yourself in pools indoor and out, filled with waters both fresh and sailor-salty. The Salt Water Grotto sports 100-degree thermal water enriched with crystals from the Dead Sea, and enhanced with the spherical sounds and changing colors of light installations. A dip both cleanses the skin and stimulates circulation, and is free to hotel guests with a prior reservation.

The Adler's spa wing also treats guests to a full fitness center (Adler Fit), family-friendly sports courts, and plenty of open outdoor space for strolling or pent-up energy unleashing (the latter perhaps more appealing to the kids.)

Adler Thermae Rooms

Overnight Adler Thermae guests enjoy spacious, bright rooms with a terrace or balcony overlooking the Orcia Valley. Three sizes are available, a Superior Double for two, a Family Junior Suite for 3, or a Family Suite for four. Rates include half-board and access to the Adler Aquae Spa and Adler Fit fitness club.

Adler Thermae Cuisine

Rounding out the establishment's triple threat of mind-body improvement is the Adler Thermae's exploration of cuisine. Chefs use fresh, local produce and ingredients to conjure a wide variety of palate-pleasing meals and Tuscan specialities. Menus of 4 to 5 courses change daily, and an idyllic Starlight Roof eatery maintains a constant buffet of creative fresh salads, cheeses, and desserts. The calorically restricted can also take solace in specially prepared meals that adhere to the Adler Balance health program.

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G-RO Smart Luggage & Backpacks

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G-RO made its first go at conquering the hassles of bag packing and bag schlepping a couple of years ago with the G-RO Carry-on. After a successful crowdfunding campaign and production run for the lone piece of luggage...

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The Horizontal Shower

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MonPere Travel Pillow

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Anti-Kidnapping Watch Band

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Looper Portable Resort

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Hidden Water Pools

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Pack This! Forgetful Jones. Just don't forget where you put Knock Knock's handy traveler's prep list once you fill it in....

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The Softub

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Indoors, outdoors, on a dock in the middle of the river with a thatch roof on top. The Softub is the kind of hot tub that goes where and does what you tell it to. Without lip and without draining your wallet....

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Zippelin Inflatable Truck Tarp Travel Bag

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