Invisible Bike

By: on March 15, 2013
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I wonder which is less comfortable: Jimmy Kuehnle's Invisible Bike or Jimmy Kuehnle's invisible outfit. In other words, would you rather require rectal surgery or pass out from heat exhaustion and develop a full-body rash? Kuehnle designed and built his "Bike? What bike? I don't see any bike" bike out of bullet proof glass, presumably so that it can survive a drive-by even if its rider doesn't. Save its chain and bearings, the entire town-tool-arounder is transparent. Kuehnle both employs the biped as a legitimate means of transportation, and displays it as a sculpture in and around Austin and San Antonio.

Oh, you're more interested in replicating Kuehnle's sweet see-through suit? Then grab yourself a few dozen yards of clear vinyl and stitch away. Cap the look with a "beer hat" made from 60 feet of clear tubing.

My favorite part of the Invisible Bike's entrance into my reality is the shot of Jimmy posing with it in front a pair of dumpsters. Hey, I respect art in all forms, but if you're going to make a funny-looking transparent bicycle and an even funnier-looking transparent getup to wear while riding it, maybe standing in front of a trash receptacle with the two, as if proudly showcasing the gems you just dug out of it, isn't the best photo op.

Muchas danke to Geekologie, whose writeup of the Invisible Bike was also witty enough to make me choke on my ice cream sandwich.

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Sick in the Head: The 10 Coolest Motorcycle Helmets

Some people say you're sick in the head for riding a motorcycle. I say you're sick in the head if you're wearing one of these motorcycle helmets. And I mean it in the very, very best sense of the word. Here are my picks...

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RYNO One Wheel Motorcycle

$5,295 from RYNO Motors »

Ever wanted to pop a perpetual wheelie? Well get ready, 'cause RYNO Motors is in production and set for the 2012 US release of two tiers of its self-balancing, single-wheeled, shit-stirring beast of a motorcycle. OK...

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$50k from Hoverbike »

The Hoverbike is what happens when one really wants to be a superhero, but really needs to figure out a way to more efficiently herd cattle. Aussie Chris Malloy has created a prototype for this motorcycle-helicopter hybrid...

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Boba Fett Motorcycle Helmet

Unlike a few selections in this slideshow of sick motorcycle helmets, you can probably wear HJC's new RPHA 11 Boba Fett helmet without getting laughed off the road (it's an obvious, but not over-the-top Star Wars circus...

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Cyclotron Spokeless Smart Bicycle

$1,125 - $3,038 from Cyclotron Cycles »

For all the Sam Flynns out there who need more exercise, you'll soon be able to trade in your electric Light Cycles for pedal-powered Cyclotrons on your joyrides and daily commutes. The self-described "Future of Cycling"...

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Bird of Prey Bicycle

$4,200 from Bird of Prey »

I didn't think the foam helmets and seizure-inducing neon spandex could look any more ridiculous rolling down the road, yelling at cars to get out of their lane, and then cutting into traffic at will when it suits them...

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Litelok Flexible Bike Lock

$109.87 - $206.82 from Litelok »

Flexible, lightweight, and inordinately strong, the Litelok could have been a gymnast, but decided to take the more practical professional route of becoming an anti-theft bodyguard for bicycles. The gold-rated bike lock...

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Bike Mine Exploding Anti-Theft Alarm

$71 from Kickstarter »

Bike Mine is a thing that makes you go boommm! At least if you're a dirty thief trying to make off with a dude's bicycle or motorcycle (or boat or jet ski if you live the kind of high rollin' life where that's a risk.)...

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Rungu Electric Juggernaut

By: Rungu »

Remember the Juggernaut Bullfrog Fat Trike? Now it's even fatter. And croaks way louder. To their extra-thick, triple-wheeled, all-terrain, no-BS monster, Rungu has added a 2,100-watt motor and Hi-Power Cycles controller....

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Juggernaut Bullfrog Fat Trike

$3,300 from Rungu »

Rungu's Juggernaut fat-tire bullfrog trike makes it possible to go where a bike can't go and a car won't go. To ride where others dare only walk. To look in grandiosity somewhere between Billy the Puppet pedaling in to...

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Tannus - Bike Tires That Never Go Flat

By: Tannus »

Why will you never get a flat if you put Tannus tires on your bike? Because Tannus tires don't got no air inside. Move over, Spandex. You've had a good run, but Micro Closed Cell Polymer Resin's about to dethrone you...

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Monovelo - The Human Powered Monowheel

$1,790 from Monovelo »

Monowheels debuted in the late 19th century, but Monovelos claim to be the inaugural human-powered installation of the 21st. A nested unicycle of sorts, the Monovelo pedals and steers similar to a conventional bike, but...