Clone Your Face 3D Mask

By: on February 06, 2012
Clone Your Face 3D Mask
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On a bad hair day, you might wear a wig. Now, on a bad face day, you can wear a REALFACE. REALFACE is a 3DPF--three-dimensional photo form--that elevates the powers of standard 3D printing, and combines them with 3D modeling. Japanese designer Osamu Kitagawa takes both photos and facial impressions of his clients, and amalgamates the two to create an exact replica and 3D mold of the subject's features. Precise skin coloring, pores, even ocular blood vessels and irises appear on the finished REALFACE. It's a perfect clone of a period--maybe even a single moment--in your life, captured as a wearable piece of art for eternity. How postmodern.

Conceptually, the REALFACE is freaky cool in a WTF? sort of way. Imagine getting one as a 20-year-old, and then donning it at 50 to relive the glory days. Or letting one of your friends dress up as you for Halloween. Or paying a schizophrenic homeless person to wear it and show up at your parents' front door to punk your mom. Want to know what you'd look like with a 6-pack or in a pair of size 2 jeans? Go to your local CrossFit or sorority house and ask the neck-down version of yourself you most covet if you can just cover their face with yours for a few seconds.

Realistically, what are you going to do with a cloned visage of yourself? Since wall surface areas are at a premium amidst the dense infrastructure of Tokyo, Kitagawa obviously created the product as means of merging creepy tribal mask collections with framed family photos, allowing homeowners the space to display the best of both. But if the thought of waking up to your own mug, bodyless, headless, in a state of suspended animation kind of gives you the willies, perhaps it would serve you better to clone someone else's face. Like, say, Ryan Gosling's or Angelina Jolie's. Wearing one of those faces could actually improve your life, earning you special treatment on airplanes and in restaurants, and the phone number of just about and lady or fella you set your plastic composite eyes on. Plus, at this time, the REALFACE makers can conduct sittings for the facial molds and imaging only in Japan. It's kind of expensive for most of us to go to Japan. But not for Ryan and Angelina. They probably up and go there like you or I would go to the john.