Blinker Fluid

Posted: January 17, 2020
Blinker Fluid
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Better grab a case of this Blinker Fluid while you can - it's on sale for 65% off, but as they say, blink(er) and you'll miss it.

Then again, even with eyes wide open the Blinker Fluid might fly right over your head because...it's a joke, my friends! No such thing as Blinker Fluid since there's not such thing as a blinker that needs fluid. Just a new bulb on occasion. And weekly affirmations that it still looks dazzling.

What, you weren't fooled? Even better. Now you can buy a jug of Blinker Fluid as a gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, mama, friend Cornelius, or anyone who might be. The 8-ounce prank bottle arrives empty, so if you want to make up for the trickery you could fill it with his or her favorite shampoo or vodka.

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