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UrbAlive Indoor Worm Farm

$139 from Amazon »

The UrbAlive Indoor Worm Farm is for all you city-dwelling birds who want to practice sustainability, but don't have the outdoor space for the Most Beautiful Composter in the World. Or maybe you'd just like to have a...

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AvoSeedo - Grow an Avocado Tree

$9.95 from Amazon »

Hit the guacamole jackpot with the AvoSeedo. This plastic tool serves as a base for growing your own avocado tree at home. The best part: true to nature's form, it takes an avocado to make an avocado, so you'll need to...

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OGarden Rotating Indoor Plant Wheel

$1,397 from OGarden »

OGarden thinks your plants might like to take a ride on the ferris wheel too. This rotating indoor garden gives those of us without the space or climate conditions we'd need to grow our own food in a VegTrug outdoors...

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Globe Terrarium Lamps

$380 - $460 from Richard Clarkson »

The amount of light Richard Clarkson's Globe handblown glass terrarium lamps provide looks to be a few watts shy of enough to keep you from embossing your foot with a LEGO brick after dark. But suspended from the ceiling...

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Mini Marimo Aquarium

$7.80 - $11.80 from Etsy »

Here's a tiny Marimo Aquarium for all of you insane adventurous people out there moving into tiny houses. Think of it as a housewarming gift. Except, uh, you'll need to buy it yourself. Even at the tiny prices Etsy shop...

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Lamp Plants

$85 - $145 from Etsy »

Where the Red Fern'll find Mariana Folberg's Lamp Plants. The artist behind Mar de Fe designs took inspiration from the rain forest to construct a thriving pot of green-lit leaves. Add one of the lamps to...

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Grobo Indoor Garden

$899 from Grobo »

Grobo should be called Gromo. As is Gromo plants you can eat. Gromo plants that won't die. Gromo plants that Gromo all by themselves. But it's called Grobo, maybe short for grow box, maybe just a word its Canadian creators...

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The Ridge Slim Front Pocket Wallets

$45 - $105 from The Ridge »

Don't let overstuffed, bulging bi-folds infiltrate your pockets! Fight the Costanza Effect! Get on the Ridge! The Ridge slim front pocket wallets highlight 2 EDC must-haves, simplicity and compactness, across a line of...

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Chia Trump

$14.99 from Amazon »

You can also get a Chia Hillary Clinton, but I think that one looks more like Benjamin Franklin wearing a necklace....

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Fin to Flower Aquaponics System

$229.99 from Amazon »

If you're interested in growing an indoor herb garden--think rosemary, not mary jane--but entirely uninterested in nurturing, or even watering it, check out the natural wonder that is aquaponics. And then check out Fin...

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Air Bonsai Floating Tree

$200 - $230 from Hoshinchu »

If you take a look at this floating bonsai tree, it should be pretty clear what it is: a floating bonsai tree. We've even seen enough floating things around here to know that the Air Bonsai is able to levitate (and spin...

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Biopod Smart Microhabitat

$212 - $436 from Biopod »

Terrarium, aquarium, or herb garden. Grow flowers in the winter, or make a rainforest for your frogs. Read no complex manuals and acquire 0 new skills to learn how to do it. The Biopod is smart enough for the both of...

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Leaf Plug N' Plant Cannabis Grow System

$1,500 from Leaf »

Marijuana is legal where I live (i.e., my bedroom) so why shouldn't I don my farmer's hat and experiment with growing my own? Especially now that sweet cannabis culinary gadgets like the Magical Butter and smart growing...

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The Server Farm PC Case Grow Box

$695 from Think Leek »

But officer, where could I possibly be growing marijuana? As you can see, down here in my mama's basement it's just me, my dirty dishes collection, and my circa 1992 PC. I just finished a particularly exhilarating game...

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Torch Plant Light Botanical Candle

How precious. A floating puff of plant with an LED light at its end. Though overpriced by a factor of 8, the Torch Plant Light Botanical Candle is a clever centerpiece designed by Japan's Pianta x Stanza to look like...

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Self-Watering Animal Planters

Sold Out from Amazon »

Oh crap. These are adorable. Every girl I know is getting a self-watering cat planter this Christmas. It looks like Hello Kitty and sits in a cup and sucks up water through its tail. What girl wouldn't freak out in a...

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Recycled Motorcycle Carburetor Planter

$45 from Etsy »

If I had an old motorcycle carburetor I would probably throw it in a dump truck on its way to a landfill, where it would join the other mountains of trash in a slow but eternal process of killing living things. A far...

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Living Furniture - Aquaponic End Table

$950 - $1,350 from Green Towers »

Tabletop aquaponic systems--aquariums with plants watered and nourished by the fish and their digs growing soillessly above--have been making the rounds, but Green Towers' Living Furniture might be the first to expand...

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Eggling Crack & Grow Plants

$9.50 - $17.64 from Amazon »

Egglings are kind of a weird mash of concepts. Like, an egg is supposed to be a womb for growth, but if you crack it before the growth cycle is complete you don't get life, you get breakfast. With this egg though, if...

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Miracle-Gro 7-Pod Indoor AeroGarden

Sold Out from Amazon »

Today we salute Denver and Seattle, our Super Bowl XLVIII competitors and title holders of Most Stoned Cities in America. It's cool though. Denver and Seattle live in the first two US states to legalize marijuana, so...

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Glowing Plants

$50 - $150 from Glowing Plant »

After raising nearly half a million dollars on Kickstarter, the Glowing Plants project is accepting pre-orders and synthetic biology-ing away to deliver their natural sources of light in Fall 2014. Make no mistake, Glowing...

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Transparent Root Vegetable Farm

$24.71 from Amazon »

If I tried to plant carrot and radish and whatever that third thing is seeds in some dirt behind a transparent sheet of acrylic probably what I would end up with is a pile of dirt behind a transparent sheet of acrylic....

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Dino Pet Bioluminescent Night Light

$65.25 from Amazon »

Oh boy, it's like a dinosaur mixed with a firefly mixed with that neat-o photosynthesis word I learned in middle school. Dino Pet, a compilation of living, bioluminescent organisms called dinoflagellates housed in an...

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Venus Flytrap Potted Plant

$7.99 from Amazon »

Despite the ominous reputation it's earned by way of musical theater and Rick Moranis (hey, two completely relevant references to Rick Moranis in a week!) the Venus flytrap is a pretty lame carnivore. Kind of like girls...

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Bilbo Baggins Bonsai Home

By: Flickr »

Whatever, I could make a Bilbo Baggins Bag End Bonsai. Or I could if I had the meticulous, exacting hands of a surgeon. But then I'd probably just be a surgeon because I bet it pays more than selling miniature Japanese...

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Breaking Bad Terrarium


Way to go, Walter White and meth heads, Breaking Bad has reached terrarium levels of popularity. Terrarium. I find that word difficult both to spell and to say aloud. Try it. Rough on the tongue, 'ey? Not very pleasant...

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Jellyfish Air Plants

$15 - $38 from Etsy »

Likelihood I would kill a pet jellyfish: 100%. Likelihood I would kill a potted plant: 98%. Likelihood I would kill a jellyfish air plant: 75%. Because Etsy shop Petit Beast swears on its spiky sea urchin shells that...

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The Avocado Incubator

If you're going to give an avocado the Cuber treatment, you must first acquire an avocado. Now I know one way to accomplish this task entails a simple trip to the grocery store. But we live in a paradoxical age of extreme...

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Star Wars Terrariums


Although caged in a hanging glass globe, Yoda appears at peace amidst the pebbles and artificial mosses of his terrarium. Artist Tony Larson first hand-carved the terrain and planted the delicate landscape before showing...

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Click & Grow SmartPot Plants

$58.80 from Amazon »

Before me sits a plant. Usually in this scenario I think about how it's probably the last time I'm going to see the plant alive. Because what it comes down to is that I am much better at sitting around with my thumb up...

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Dinosaur Planters

$17.99 from Amazon »

These dinosaur planters spotlight a characteristic of the behemoth reptiles little-known to anyone but the world's leading paleontologists: dinos loooove toting around small succulents and cacti. (And I thought it was...

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Glow-in-the-Dark Mushroom Garden

Sold Out from Amazon »

Do you have a (glow-in-the-dark, searing lime) green thumb? Do you want one? We can't promise this bioluminescent mushroom habitat kit comes with brownie recipes and resultant rainbow vision, but even without the magical...

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Beetlejuice Terrarium


According to the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, the Beetlejuice Terrarium is an accurately-depicted scale model of the Maitland-Deetz estate, replete with fence posts, dirt driveway, the foreboding, Burton-esque...

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Houseplants that Twitter

How many plants have you accidentally sent to their death? The concept of dumping water in dirt seems like an easy one to master, but the recipients can be so finicky. Some want lots to drink, some just a sip; some guzzle...

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Indoor Sprout Garden


Good news! You and your pet cows can now consume all the grass you want without ever setting foot outside! The iPlant Sprout Garden is even self-sustaining with its automatic sprinkler and temperature-controlled heater...

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Message Bean

$18 from A+R Store »

A message bean? Usually I depend on tea leaves to tell my future, but a bean is seemingly just as arbitrary and unreliable as tea leaves, so this should be the perfect way to make some serious life decisions. Or, you...

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Domsai Terrariums

$150 from A+R Store »

The future is here. Unlike those pedestrian technical toys that require "feeding," the Domsai is high design and beautiful and actually requires a bit of water and sunlight. But you can leave them unattended for long...