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T-Rex Skull Shower Head

$20 from Etsy »

He may be dead and decomposed, but that doesn't mean T-Rex isn't still capable of spewing the stink off you. Roman Mirskiy creates his T-Rex Skull Shower Heads on a 3D printer. They're all made from high-quality ABS plastic...

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Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold Toilet Spray

$9.99 - $14.99 from Amazon »

For all the ladies out there who want a unicorn. And the ones who want pure gold. And especially those who claim their shit don't stink. Now you can have it all. From proper posture poop stool maker Squatty Potty comes...

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Delta In2ition 2-in-1 Shower Head

$148.52 - $173.65 from Amazon »

I like a focused rinse on my man parts in the shower. I bet some of you dudes out there, and especially some of you ladies, would agree. Having both a static and a detachable shower head in the bathroom is a nice little...

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Magnetic Soap Holder

$24.99 from Amazon »

Now this looks like some soap beamed straight down from Captain Kirk's bathroom on the Starship Enterprise. It's hovering there in midair because the pyramid base of the holder has telekinetic powers. And also a couple...

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Barn Door Shower Curtain

$30.69 from Amazon »

Country boys, take the barn door with you and curtain it right across your shower rod when you leave the family farm for the big city this fall. This door might have a little more polyester it in that your typical pine...

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TubShroom Drain Protector

$12.99 from Amazon »

If my girlfriend's hair is even in the same room as the bathtub drain--no, sometimes if the follicles just sense the drain's presence from the kitchen or the living room--I swear I'm digging a fist-sized nest of her head...

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Perfect Reflection LED Infinity Mirror

$359.99 from Amazon »

Snow White's Mirror, Mirror on the Wall meets The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in a Perfect Reflection. A standard bathroom mirror for primping yourself into the fairest of them all by by day(light), the Perfect Reflection's...

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Toilet Sink

$294.50 from Amazon »

Smaller spaces, smaller children, smaller water bills--a toilet sink makes sense. Technically. But you can tell me all day long about how the water that comes out of my toilet tank is exactly the same as the water that...

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Tanita Ironman Body Composition Scale

$239.99 from Amazon »

Even though the Tanita Ironman gets down and dirty with its data, it's possible this is one scale whose numbers could actually make you feel better about your weight. Rather than just flashing out measurements of mass...

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Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Holder

$19.99 from Amazon »

Amateur photographers, nostalgic Baby Boomers, lovers of the vintage, what better way to pay tribute to the pioneering Polaroid camera than a Polaroll for your tootsie rolls? The retro toilet paper holder even comes with...

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Baby Foot Human Molting Peel

$25 from Amazon »

I don't know what medieval witch magic Baby Foot puts in their Exfoliant Foot Peel to produce the skin-molting effects you see before you but, even though it would make perfect sense here, I promise you it's not snake...

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Stone Forest Natural Bathtub

Stone Forest calls their bathtub "Natural" for its raw design, a rugged just-rolled-down-the-mountain aesthetic, rather than the precision-cut and polished-to-cold-industrial-modernity one we might expect from this type...

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Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser & Holder

$9.99 from Amazon »

It's not that I'm lazy (well, I am, but that's not why I want an automatic toothpaste dispenser) it's that no matter how diligent I am my toothpaste always devolves into a lumpy tube of wasted product with nasty, gummy...

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Otto Dental Floss Dispenser

$14.99 from Amazon »

According to Alessi, the Italian Factory of Design, "Rondo, Otto and Sden belong to a burgeoning family of bright characters in thermoplastic creatures aiming to bring some fun to dental hygiene for children (and adults...

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Luxury Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

$39.99 from Amazon »

If you're still scrounging around for a Mother's Day gift, here's a bamboo bathtub caddy that will send your mama into a swell of luxury. Luxurious soak, luxurious smooth wood aesthetic, luxurious trashy novel on the...

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Touchless Toilet Flush Kit

$43.32 from Amazon »

I'm not a germophobe, but I am incredibly lazy. And a kit that retrofits my standard toilet with a touchless, auto-flush mechanism means no more bending over! No more holding the handle down! No more jiggling it to make...

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Aquafaucet Color-Changing Waterfall Tap

$65 from Amazon »

Glistening chrome fountain. Dramatic curved channels. Stunning waterfall cycling through the most brilliant hues of the rainbow. And a mysterious floating orb. Which fantasy novel or video game did this Aquafaucet fixture...

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Mikado Aerator Gridded Flow Faucet

If it's the little things in life that make you happy, Neoperl has a pretty cool little thing for you to check out. Their forthcoming Mikado is a faucet aerator that turns water streams into dramatic twisting grids sure...

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Sith Happens Darth Vader Toilet Decal

$8 from Amazon »

Sith Happens. Dude, I'll bet it's especially Sithy when Sith happens to Vader and he's gotta take off the entire bottom half of a life support system to relieve himself. I thought I'd experienced the worst of the worst...

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Shower Head with Temperature Display

$19.99 from Amazon »

I was eating my way through New York this past weekend and my hotel bathroom had a shower head with a built-in temperature display just like Delta Faucet's Temp2O. So now I know 109 degrees F is my perfect water temperature...

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Wooden Boat Bathtub

Rub-a-dub-dub, I want a wooden boat bathtub. Even more than I want a Hot Tub Tug Boat. Because while the latter may be slightly cooler and more likely to help me win friends and influence people, Unique Wood Design's...

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2-Person Black Jacuzzi

$2,995 from Amazon »

I bet my girlfriend will be my Valentine if I get this sick black jacuzzi bathtub. In fact, I bet all of my girlfriend's girlfriends will also be my Valentine if I get it. Six adjustable massage jets. Eight powerful back...

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AquaDance Drencher Showerhead

Sold Out from Amazon »

No, I am not showing you the AquaDance Drencher 3-setting 8" curved rainfall showerhead with waterfall mode just because it looks like a vagina....

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Darth Vader Handheld Showerhead

$29.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond »

Want to see Darth Vader spew jets of water out of his eyes? You know what you've got to do: use The Force. Something around 70 psi should do the trick. Just make sure to remove any installed water-reducing valves before...

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Nebia Atomized Water Showerhead

$299 from Nebia »

Nebia trademarked what they call H2MICRO technology. They say it takes the best parts of a shower and a steam room and sprays it out of overhead and portable wand nozzles in a way that will make you feel like you're in...

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H2OVibe Showerhead with Bluetooth Speaker

$36.95 from Amazon »

Sure you can suction cup a waterproof Bluetooth speaker to your tile...and hope that it doesn't dislodge and whack you right in that tender spot on the downslope of your foot at the height of "Raining Blood." Or you can...

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Shower Surfer Neoprene Bath Caddy

$29.99 from »

Know what your shampoo needs? A wetsuit. The Shower Surfer is a neoprene shower and bath caddy that secures implements of hygiene without: 1) falling off your shower head pipe and smashing your foot; 2) rusting; and 3)...

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Bath Air Pillow Smartphone Holder

The most relaxing part of any soak in the bubble bath is obviously surfing the web to check out stock performances, responding to accusatory emails from your boss, and going over the Excel spreadsheet of chores your mama...

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Curvit Shower Space Expander

Sold Out from Amazon »

Curvit is a clip system that holds shower curtains in a concave position, thereby increasing shower space by up to 50%. It's a simple, inexpensive, and discreet solution that arrives pre-assembled and installs in 3 steps...

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Dual Jet Bath Spa

$37.78 from Amazon »

Soothe sore muscles, melt away tension, and (ladies) enjoy some alone time with red wine and powerful jets. Conair's Dual Jet Bath Spa fancifies any bathtub into an underwater den of relaxation and personal gratification....

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Han Solo in Carbonite Shower Curtain

$24.99 from ThinkGeek »

Welp, depending on who's in the shower, Han Solo might not mind that he's now stuck in both Carbonite and a shower curtain. I mean, I'm sure he's gotten pretty sick of looking at naked Leia over the past 30 years, but...

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UFO Soap Dispensers

Runner up to the Alien Abduction Lamp in the category of Best Application of 1950s Era Extra Terrestrials to Common Household Objects: UFO soap dispensers. Duncan Shotton's design plants a spaceship pump atop a neon yellow...

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Neon Illuminated Bathtub

$2,400 from GNR 8 »

If Slimer slimed in a bathtub, it would probably look something like this illuminated Jan Puylaert design. Only, like...slimier. But Puylaert's self-standing tubs with built-in neon lighting systems don't look dirty or...

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Waterfall Soap Saver

$4.80 from Amazon »

I like this Waterfall Soap Saver's simple idea for making my Zest last longer, and also for preventing it from getting that slimy Gulf of Mexico catfish skin it always acquires when left to sit in its own wet glycerin-ness....

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Horror Novel Toilet Paper

$17.95 from »

Is this toilet paper scarier than shit? Only one way to find out: eat 4 Beef Chalupa Supremes at 10 p.m., and then settle in for The Drop when it...and nature...calls out to you around midnight....

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Touch-Free Faucet Adaptor

$44.15 from Amazon »

Given that I chew the ever-loving gobstoppers out of my fingernails, I'm obviously not too concerned about germs. But I am concerned about touching things with Cheetos-crusted hands and getting yelled at by my mama for...

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Aqua Notes Waterproof Notepad

$7.65 from Amazon »

I always have great ideas and profound realizations in the shower. The greatest ideas and profound realizations. The only great ideas and profound realizations I ever have. But there's nowhere to write them down. And...

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Waterfall & Massage Shower Panel

$229.99 from Amazon »

Ever heard anyone say, It's not the dress, it's the girl in the dress? I feel the same basically goes for showers--it's not the shower, it's the girl in the shower--only with a few exceptions. Like AKDY's shower panel...

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Slothzilla Shower Curtain

$39.83 from Amazon »

So...I guess Slothzilla sounded better than King Sloth or Sloth Kong? Or maybe it's creators were just taking a page out of sloth the animal's own book and being lazy about fact checking their re-imaginations of iconic...

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Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

$299.95 from Carbon Fiber Gear »

A gold toilet seat: ostentatious. Indulgent. Ridiculous. A carbon fiber toilet seat: inconspicuous. Practical. Awesome. It's not an extravagance, it''s...well, I mean you need a toilet seat, right? And you need...

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Dragon Sink Faucet

$65 from Amazon »

I can hardly stand the anticipation. Game of Thrones. Season 4. Less than a week away. I might pee my pants. Hey! Someone turn off that dragon sink faucet! It's not helping my continence! Hey, wait...a dragon sink faucet?...

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Sarlacc Toilet Decals

Like most great ideas, Robbie Rane came up with his Toilet Sarlacc decals while hanging out with friends, having a few beers, and talking shit. One guy mentioned dropping the kids off at the pool. Another spoke of ending...

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Bathroom Mirror Defogger

$58.98 from Amazon »

Fogged mirrors! I can't groom my facial hair or Dep Gel my head for, like, 8-1/2 minutes after emerging from the shower unless I stand there like an a-hole blowing my mama's hairdryer on it. Towels: do not work. Squeegees:...

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Aqueduck Faucet Extender

$9.99 from Amazon »

The Aqueduck. Is it a faucet extender for kids who can't quite reach the fixture, or a faucet extender for men like me who crack their teeth on the spigot each time they try to get a drink after taking a leak in the middle...

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Nosferatu Shower Curtain

$73 from Etsy »

The makers of this shower curtain depicting a shadowy Nosferatu ascending the stairs to drain your blood and leave you a dead and dried-out heap of sunken flesh...or maybe turn you into a vampire like himself if you're...

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Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Rack

$44.99 from ThinkGeek »

Doctor Who's time-traveling spacecraft TARDIS has a new assignment: hold your soaps, shampoos, razors, and other grooming gear so they don't litter up or fall off the ledges of your shower. Despite the looks of it, the...

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Nuclear Glow Soap

United Nuclear's Nuclear Element Glow Soaps will scrub you clean. Clean and genetically modified. Maybe like Spider-Man. Maybe like Sloth from The Goonies....

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PPShots Toilet Photo Holder

$7.99 from Amazon »

Ahhh, nothing like the holidays to remind me whose face I'd like to take a giant piss on. PPShots produces Adhesive Photo Protectors--clear toilet sticker designed to house and keep intact photos stuck on the inside of...