Giveaway: Tire Tread Rings

Posted: July 23, 2013
Tire Tread Rings

In collaboration with the ring masters at Titanium Buzz, we're rolling out one lucky reader's choice of any ring from Titanium Buzz's Tire Tread series valued at $400 or less. Enter using the quick and easy form at the bottom of the page, and we'll draw a winner at random at the end of the entry period. Read on to find out what sorts of finger tracks you'll make in a piece from this eclectic ring collection.

Note: The Tire Tread Ring giveaway is open to US residents only.

Materials such as titanium and carbon fiber served as a good first step for men wishing to defy the trite gold/silver wedding band convention. And thanks to fine purveyors of marriage/death pact jewelry like Titanium Buzz, the male (and occasional, exceptionally cool female) finger is further enhanced and studdified by patterns of camo, wood inlays, and, ohhellyeah, tire treads.

Titanium Buzz has teamed with Goodyear to create a line of titanium and black zirconium tread rings modeling tires from NASCAR racers to Wranglers to the Eagle F1 Supercar ($279 to $399). Or if you're more into two-wheeled treads, check out the Motorcycle ($250 to $325) and Dirtbike Series ($255 to $355), featuring hashed metallic interpretations of crotch rocket and off-road trail blazers. And speaking of roads and getting the hell off of them, Mud Boggers also have their own line of tread imprint rings in titanium and black zirconium ($335 to $399), plus an upgrade option of ordering them caked with dirt. Except in this case the "dirt" is diamonds ($2,400).

Titanium Buzz makes its rings to order in standard sizes 3 to 13, plus custom sizes upon request. With some styles, ring width is also up to the future wearer, with choices of 7mm, 8mm, and 9mm.

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Again, our apologies, but the Tire Tread Ring giveaway is open to US residents only.

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