Giveaway: Lukas Car Dash Camera with GPS

Posted: March 31, 2014
Lukas Car Dash Camera with GPS

No more he said, she said during fender benders. No more hit and runs. And no more friends calling BS when you tell them about the Jetta full of college cheerleaders who turned around and flashed you at a stoplight. Enter to win a Lukas LK-7500 CUTY 1080p car dash cam with GPS, plus a 32GB SD card from SpyTec (a $235 value)!

This giveaway is open to all residents, US and international.

About the Lukas LK-7500 CUTY Dash Cam

Released in 2013, the Lukas LK-7500 CUTY is one of the newest car dash and GPS combo cams available. Its SONY Exmor sensor system produces clear, full-HD, 1080p video and audio of people throwing their blinker on and merging into your lane like the entire highway is their exclusive gift from the baby Jesus both during the day and throughout the black of night. The camera's 135-degree view angle ensures no encroachment or infraction will go unnoticed, and if you're driving with LK-7500 turned off, a 3-axis G-shock sensor enables recording to begin automatically in the event of impact or sudden stopping/braking. Recordings divvy into 3-minute segments and compress to AVI format.

Model LK-7500 functionality can support a temperature range of -4 to 158 degrees F, and a built-in Li-Po backup battery will take over recording operations if a driver experiences a sudden power failure during operation. The Lukas LK-7500 is also one of only two dash cams currently available that can support a 128GB SD card. If installed, this would lengthen the camera's recording time to about 4 times that of most others.

The Lukas dash cam's high-sensitivity GPS system uses the U-blox 6 format, and synchronizes with Google Maps for driving routes, time, and location checking anywhere in the world. (It cannot, however, be paired with external GPS devices/viewing screens.)

LK-7500 CUTY packages include the dash cam, a power cable, a UV filter, a user's manual (in English), all-temperature tape and fixing clips for windshield mounting, and an 8GB SD card. Gracious giveaway host SpyTec will also contribute a second, 32GB SD card to the loot.

Note: The Lukas LK-7500 CUTY is PC-compatible, but does not work with Mac platforms.

Lukas LK-7500 CUTY Dash Cam Giveaway Entry Instructions

To register, click here and fill out the Lukas LK-7500 CUTY Dash Cam Giveaway entry form. Or, if you're already a member of DudeIWantThat.com, when the magic entry form button appears, just click it to enter.

Giveaway prize includes 1 x Lukas LK-7500 CUTY Dash Cam with GPS package, plus 1 x 32GB SD card (a $235 value).

The Lukas LK-7500 CUTY Dash Cam Giveaway entry period is open through 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 6, 2014. Our drawn winner will be contacted by email within 48 hours of the entry period's conclusion, and will have 12 hours to respond and claim his/her prize. (Should we not hear back from a drawn winner in the specified time period, a new winner will be drawn and contacted.) Winners should allow up to 3 weeks for prize delivery.

Once winners are drawn and confirmed, they will be announced below.

This giveaway is open to all residents, US and international.

Get a Lukas LK-7500 CUTY Dash Cam Now

If you can't wait out the entry period...or are cynical about your luck...head over to the SpyTec Website to purchase your Lukas LK-7500 dash cam now.

Or just head over to the SpyTec homepage and spend the next hour or so ogling the rest of their swell covert offerings. In addition to a full line of dash cams the company's repertoire includes:

Lukas LK-7500 CUTY Dash Cam Winner

Congratulations to Noble W. of Houston, Texas, winner of the Lukas dash cam with GPS! Thanks to all entrants, and be sure to check the Dude homepage for your chance to enter our latest Dude Giveaway!

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