Giveaway: Likebook - An Album of Your Facebook Page

Posted: September 08, 2013

Enter to win a deluxe Likebook, up to 500 pages of printed, full-color memories ($125 value)!

Dude has teamed up with Likebook, alternatively known as the ultimate win-wads-of-points-from-female-recipients Dude Gift Guide recommendation, for our next giveaway. One winner will receive a hardcover Likebook filled with Facebook Timeline posts, photos, and friends' comments for him/herself, or to create as a gift for a loved one. Read on to learn more about Likebooks, and use the form at the bottom of the page to enter.

Note: This giveaway is open to residents of North America and Europe.

Maybe you had a baby this year. Maybe you had a pretty sweet run at Comic-Con. Or maybe you just want to be the best boyfriend/husband/son ever and present all the special ladies in your life with the kind of gift that will make them gasp and possibly weep and definitely consider you the most thoughtful and caring person they have ever known. Bonus: As gifts, Likebooks pretty much carry the weight of a hand-made scrapbook, but require little more effort than buying a gift card.

With paperback and hardcover options available in 10, 50, 100, 350, and 500-page increments (or any number in between), Likebooks turn selected content from a user's or user's friend's Facebook page into a physical keepsake made of paper and ink, instead of an infinite virtual scroll made of algorithms and other complex mathematical functions.

During the process, completed entirely online, buyers select any Facebook page's date range from 2007 to present. By default, all status updates, messages from friends posted on the wall, images the person was tagged in, plus profile, mobile, and timeline albums are selected. Buyers then customize the content to be included based on the number of pages they want the book to be, any theme they wish it to follow, and any desire to reduce the number of drunk-and-passed-out shots from the 100 to 150 range to a more manageable 10 to 15.

Once the selection process is complete, buyers click to submit the file for Likebook publication, and then simply await receipt of their printed memory bank, formatted with an 8-color personalized front cover, a first page mosaic of friends who have commented most in the Likebook, a double-page spread of the most Liked photo in the book (fingers crossed it's not one of the drunk ones), and internal pages of magazine-style layout with two columns.

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