Giveaway: HooToo TripMate Wireless Travel Router

By: on July 31, 2013

Enter to win a HooToo Tripmate and turn your wired network wireless on the go for Internet access by multiple devices, file sharing, and, when batteries get low, a backup power bank. Read on to learn more about the portable travel router, and then register for multiple chances to win using the entry form below. We'll draw one winner at the conclusion of the entry period.

This giveaway is open to residents of the United States and Canada, as HooToo Tripmate devices have been approved for sale only in those countries.

One problem I have is an inability to obtain WiFi using only a clothes hanger and my index finger. And although I won't give up trying, I'm ready to accept an alternative harnesser of the Internet for the time in beween. Hey, lookee here, freshly wrangled from the World Wide Web Rodeo: HooToo's Tripmate.

Whether you're traveling out of town, or just on the go by day, the Tripmate's 150Mbps router can convert any wired Internet connection for a single user/device into one that is fully wireless, and able to accommodate multiple users/devices. Additionally, HooToo functionality allows for USB storage attachments (disk, HDD) and, in turn, file access or transfer to and from any mobile device within the established network. That means sharing between all iOS and Android systems.

Finally, the TripMate can double as a 5200mAh power bank, nearly doubling the run time of most smartphones.

Giveaway winner or not, those interested in trying out HooToo products gratis, and providing their makers with valuable feedback, can sign up to take part in the company's Reviewer Program. Selected reviewers will receive product samples to test, and their experiences will help improve and refine new developments for public release.

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