Giveaway: Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun

By: on September 08, 2014

The Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun is for people who want to stick it to the opposing side at 130 dB when their team scores. It is also for people who want to scare the ever-loving snack size Snickers and Skittles out of the kids this Halloween. If you are one of these people, click here and enter to win the ultimate conductor of handheld loudness: a Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun from DeadBall Entertainment! A $549 value!

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

About Deaf Leopard Train Horn Guns

Just when Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse than the air horns and cowbells fans use at pee wee football games after touchdowns and interceptions...and tackles and 2-yard gains and their kid getting off the bench for 1 play with 30 seconds left in a blowout...here comes the Deaf Leopard!

According to DeadBall Entertainment head Eric Godfrey, the Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun is the quintessential emblem of healthy competition and holiday spirit. In other words, enjoy using the 4-barrel, CO2-powered blaster to drive the other team to rampant, 'roided-out levels of anger after a pick 6, and aiming it just right out the living room window to scare the shit out of trick-or-treaters begging you for free food on Halloween. I also imagine Deaf Leoparding my friend Cornelius as he slumbers angelically after one too many gin & tonics.

The pinnacle of piercing and obnoxious at your fingertips, Deaf Leopard Train Horn Guns guarantee to be loud enough even for the largest stadiums, and demand that all users wear ear protection while operating them.

If you want to hear the Deaf Leopard in action, check out the videos above. I spared you from setting them to play without warning because on rare occasions I behave like a decent human being.

Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun Giveaway Entry Instructions

To register, click here and fill out the Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun Giveaway entry form. Or, if you're already a member of DudeIWantThat.com, when the magic entry form button appears, just click it to enter.

Giveaway prize includes: 1 x Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun. Retail value is $549.

The Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun Giveaway entry period is open through 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, September 14, 2014. Our drawn winner will be contacted by email within 48 hours of the entry period's conclusion, and will have 12 hours to respond and claim his/her prize. (Should we not hear back from a drawn winner in the specified time period, a new winner will be drawn and contacted.)

Once a winner is drawn and confirmed, s/he will be announced below.

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

Get a Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun Now

You know you want one. If you're ready to buy one, click here to head over to DeadBall Entertainment for ordering instructions. For another $300, you can also get your hands on an even bigger explosion of sound, the Train Horn Kit. A 12-volt, 4-barrel horn driven by air compression, the kit blows at 150 PSI and I-broke-my-decibel-meter loud. It's DIY and huge; DeadBall Entertainment recommends building it on a wagon for portability.

Deaf Leopard Train Horn Gun Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Gary M. of Vacaville, CA, winner of the Deaf Leopard! Thanks to all entrants, and be sure to check the Dude homepage or Dude Giveaways section for your chance to enter our latest prize drawing.

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