Giveaway: Broquet BBQ Sets

By: on August 26, 2013

To celebrate the arrival of tailgating season, as well as large-quantities-of-meat-consumption season (i.e., every season), Dude has joined forces with some Bros to bring 3 lucky winners their choice of one of Broquet's newly-released BBQ sets. Just fill out the entry form below and then Like, Follow, and Tweet your way to up to 7 chances to win. Choose from Broquet's Apple Wood, Medium Rare, or Santa Maria BBQ sets. Keep reading to discover just how high these signature collections of tools and seasonings can jack up your grilling masterpieces.

This giveaway is open to US residents only since Broquet currently does not ship outside of the US.

Broquets are cornucopias of real man stuff sent to real men...plus women who don't want no stinkin' roses, and would rather have a vat of hot sauce that puts hair on their chest than a box of chocolates that puts pounds on their ass. Over a dozen themed Broquet compilations arrive wrapped in functional packaging, ranging from cigar boxes and gear bags to fish nets reclaimed from the coast of Louisiana.

Broquet's BBQ sets include a trio of recent additions, each of which pairs unbridled manhood with one of the nation's leading BBQ sauce masters. Feast your eyes...and then your rubbing & basting hands...and then your pieholes upon:

The Apple Wood. A collaboration with the grillmasters at Rufus Teague, this Kansas City-style ribs set starts with Rufus' award-winning ribs recipe card, and trickles down to all the gear and ingredients needed to knock them out of the (stadium) park(ing lot). Whiskey Maple BBQ sauce, meat rub, Tin Gourmet mustard, turner tongs, a silicone basting brush, applewood smoking chips, a stainless steel smoking box, and a grill surface thermometer.

The Medium Rare. The Salt Lick of Driftwood, TX eases a man's concerns about his grilling adequacy with a box of no-fail ingredients and implements to turn out tasty BBQ fast. Includes stainless steel grill tongs, a stainless steel spatula, a grill brush, The Salt Lick Original Recipe BBQ Sauce, and The Salt Lick Dry Rub.

The Santa Maria. For those who want to "carry on the great tradition of California barbecue." Huh? I'm feeling a Wayne Campbell, "Ex-squeeze me?" stirring in my throat. But according to Broquet honchos, who are also native Californians, The Golden State has made a laudable contribution to the world of BBQ by way of the Santa Maria tri tip, marinated in a dry rub and then sizzled over a native red oak fire. In a nod to the area and preparation, The Santa Maria shares the love with a California Santa Maria Dry Rub, California Rancher Oaky & Smokey BBQ Sauce, a rosewood handle meat hook, a leather grilling mitt, an instant-read meat thermometer, Larry's Bag of Smoke in Red Oak, and a tri tip recipe card.

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