Giveaway: 6-Month Supply of KillCliff Cold Brew Coffee

By: on September 28, 2015

It's Monday, 3:00 pm. Are you ready to get after it? To slay your Q3 review, hit the gym hard, and then go home and spend a couple hours helping the kids with their science projects and algebra homework? Or is 3:00 more like crawl-under-your-desk-for-a-nap time? If so, here's your chance to banish your fatigue. To drown it in 11 ounces of natural, slow-brewed energy, and keep it at bay for a solid 6 months. Click here and enter to win a 6-month supply of cold brew coffee from KillCliff! A $400 value!

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

About KillCliff Cold Brew Coffee

The brainchild and trusty sidekick of a Navy SEAL, KillCliff Cold Brew is your natural boost in a can. It's richly satisfying energy on the go. It's what you drink if "you want 100% super premium Arabica beans without the barista banter." KillCliff Cold Brew is your Fair Trade Certified maker of mojo. So, what kind of natural, richly satisfying, super premium mojo do you want?

Epic Mojo: Black, unsweetened, and smooth as melted chocolate. KillCliff says Epic Mojo is what "coffee lovers give to coffee haters to full on convert them to the rich, dark side." Slow-brewed, like all KillCliff coffees, for 24 hours.

Mojo Rising: Lightly sweetened and lightly creamed, the latter with coconut cream to keep it Paleo-friendly.

Sweet Mojo: Black and slightly sweetened.

6-Month Supply of KillCliff Cold Brew Coffee Giveaway Entry Instructions

To register, click here and fill out the 6-Month Supply of KillCliff Cold Brew Coffee Giveaway entry form. Or, if you're already a member of DudeIWantThat.com, when the magic entry form button appears, just click it to enter.

Giveaway prize includes 1 x case (24 cans) of KillCliff cold brew coffee delivered each month for 6 months. Winner will have a choice of one of the following flavors: Epic Mojo; Mojo Rising; or Sweet Mojo. Retail value is $402.

The 6-Month Supply of KillCliff Cold Brew Coffee Giveaway entry period is open through 11:59 p.m. ET on Sunday, October 4, 2015. Our drawn winner will be contacted by email within 48 hours of the entry period's conclusion, and will have 12 hours to respond and claim his/her prize. (Should we not hear back from a drawn winner in the specified time period, a new winner will be drawn and contacted.)

Winner should allow up to 3 weeks for prize delivery.

Once winners are drawn and confirmed, they will be announced below.

This giveaway is open to US residents only.

Get KillCliff Cold Brew Coffee Now

Time for a coffee break? Get KillCliff Cold Brew here, and get it now to enjoy a 15% discount just for Dude readers. Enter the coupon code DUDE15 at checkout.

If caffeine isn't your thing, but coupons are, the discount applies to other items in KillCliff's online store as well. The company also makes sugar-free recovery drinks for athletes and post-workouters, and high-protein, low-carb sports nutrition energy and recovery bars.

Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to Kaleb M. of Heath, OH, winner of the 6-month supply of KillCliff. Thanks to all entrants, and be sure to check the Dude homepage or Dude Giveaways section for your chance to enter our latest prize drawing.

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