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"Flip-It" Wine Aerating Carafe

$49.95 from Amazon »

I like "Flip-It" Wine Aerator, but Menu actually calls their invertible / revertible carafe the Winebreather. Though similar to a decanter in shape - and in function if you choose to use it that way - the aerator distinguishes...

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Hand Carved Drinking Horns

$70 - $3k from Etsy »

Brian Marshall's hand carved drinking horns remind us how much artistic talent is out there, and how much Dry January sucks. Sure, I could order a Where the Gods Live drinking horn now and use it as a reward for completing...

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Assassin's Teapot

The Assassin's is a trick teapot! And not a very fun trick if you're on the receiving end. The Chinese creation contains 2 separate interior compartments, one of which was historically meant for tea, and the other of...

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Asobu Frosty Beer 2 Go Bottle & Can Cooler

$29.99 from Amazon »

As I sit here enjoying some nice 15-degree weather, all I can think is, How am I going to keep my beer as icy as my entire body is right now in 6 months? A simple search produces the answer: Asobu's Frosty Beer 2 Go...

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The Wand - Hangover-Preventing Wine Filter

$24.99 from Amazon »

I got classy at a recent holiday party and drank wine all night. She-Ra: Princess of Power told me the next day it was "the cheapest, nastiest Malbec they're probably legally allowed to sell. Like a bottle of backwash...

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Ember Temperature Control Mug

$149.95 from Amazon »

Too hot? Too cold? If it's in the Ember you have only yourself to blame. The Ember temperature control mug pairs a simple to-go coffee or tea container design with a septuplet of temperature sensors, a rapid cooling system...

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Blitzen Vehicle Rooftop Beverage Chiller

Want some Roof Hootch? Harness up a Blitzen, and you'll be one short drive away. Blitzen is a rooftop beverage chiller that combines the powers of cold weather and your commute to form a most innovative take on refrigeration...

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Beer Savers - Silicone Rubber Bottle Caps

$9.98 from Amazon »

I know, I know, Who so put out to finish a measly bottle of beer they need to Beer Saver it for later? Well, the freshness-preserving caps do work on 22 ounce beers too...

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WaterBrick Stackable Water & Food Storage

$17 - $176 from Amazon »

WaterBricks help you prep for emergencies, road trips, and unpacking the groceries after a biannual trip to Costco. The stackable water and food storage containers are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) strong enough...

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CigarzUp Beer Bottle Cigar Holder

$11.99 from Amazon »

A beer in one hand, a cigar in...the same hand. CigarzUp, yep, keeps your cigar up, and at the ready, when you're enjoying a smoke alongside a bottled cold one...

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Oral Rehydration Salts

$13.99 from Amazon »

Oral rehydration salts should part of everyone's survival kit. Especially your survival kit for New Year's Eve. And Christmas Eve. And the office holiday party with the open bar. And your friend Cornelius' Ugly Christmas...

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Chill-O-Matic Automatic Drink Chiller

$25.18 from Amazon »

The Chill-O-Matic is for when your friend Cornelius takes the last sodie from the fridge and doesn't. Put. More. In! Cornelius, you jackass! It's like, it's like...what's that, Sugar Lips? Huh. She-Ra: Princess of Power...

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Raclette Personal Cheese Melter

$24.99 from Amazon »

From whence does this Raclette personal cheese melter come? For those unfamiliar, Raclette is both a big ol' hunk of Swiss cheese, and a Swiss method of melting layers of the cheese over a fire, and scraping them off...

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My MUG Indestructible Ceramic Coffee Mug

$15 - $24 from Making Modern »

Knock a My MUG off the counter and you might be cleaning up some liquid, but your solid form of matter will stay intact. Made to feel like ceramic in the hand, but behave like titanium when that hand is a wee bit clumsy...

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Embrava Best Ever Water Bottle

$37.95 from Amazon »

Embrava's water bottle is hands down (and bottoms up) the best water bottle I've ever owned. I'll grant, whether you agree with me or not depends on what you're looking for in a water bottle, but if we have similar requirements...

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Dunking Buddy Mess-Free Cookie Dunker

$9.15 from Amazon »

That's Dunking Buddy, not Drunking Buddy, Cornelius. Don't worry, I'm not replacing you. In fact, you could say that I'm making our Scotch Sundays, Tequila Tuesdays, Whiskey Wednesdays even better. This cup and magnetic...

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Cereal Killer Bowl

$26 from Amazon »

Decimate the Froot Loops, eradicate the Frosted Flakes, eliminate all traces of Trix with the Cereal Killer Bowl. Those Charms may be Lucky before the box is opened, but once once they hit your Dexter-approved bowl, it's...

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The Right Cup - Brain-Tricking Flavored Cup

$40 from Amazon »

Brain-tricking and NKOTB-approved, The Right Cup is a scented and slightly flavored water cup designed to engage your senses in a way that will make you think you're drinking sweet and fruity water when all that's inside...

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Handmade Creepy Beer Mugs

$55 - $150 from Etsy »

Jo Scravis makes creepy beer mugs. You can use them as coffee mugs too, but I for one wouldn't want to look Horrible Hal Zombie or Angry Fanged Critter in the eye first thing in the morning, before I've had any caffeine...

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Face Mask Drink Coasters

$11.99 from Amazon »

Paladone's Face Mask Drink Coasters are a party multi-tool. Use them old school, to hold your sweaty drink so you don't f*ck up the table. Use them new school, as a frisbee projectile to pelt your friend Cornelius, or...

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Nuvo Eco Ceramic Coffee Bean Roaster

$33.99 from Amazon »

During heating you need swing the Nuvo Eco Ceramic Roaster constantly, drawing an imaginary number "8" or an elliptical orbit. And hold tight to its leather-covered handle. Like in the video above. For, like, two-and-a-half...

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Gropener One-Handed Bottle Opener

$16 from Amazon »

No, Gropener is not what it looks like Uncle Harry is doing to Cousin Ricky's new girlfriend at the family reunion. Gropener is a smoosh-together of the words "grab" and "opener," done to signify what this clever tool...

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NFL Football Teams' Greatest Plays Slate Coasters

$50 from Amazon »

These football plays will go down in history as their NFL teams' greatest, and the slate coasters they're printed on will go down on your table as a barrier between your fine oak and your sweaty can of Bud. The 4-deep...

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Flowering Penis Coffee Mug

$15.99 from Amazon »

For all the ladies (and fellas!) who count floral patterns and penises amongst their favorite things, have I got a mug of a gift for you. Clothing and accessory brand HUMAN goes for a very anatomical part of being one...