ZeroLemon Rugged 20,000 mAh Battery

Posted: August 21, 2016
ZeroLemon Rugged 20,000 mAh Battery

My elementary school gym teacher used to call me The Lemon. At first I thought it meant that I added a refreshing and flavorful twist to the kickball team I ended up on, but once I realized that team also received 2 handicap points ("plus two for the team with The Lemon!") along with me I asked my mama about the term used in this context. Yeah...whatever, Coach Cantor, the insults didn't kill me, they just made me stronger! Anyway, this SolarJuice 20000mAh Lithium Polymer battery is made by a company called ZeroLemon, which I hope means they produce only star performers and zero lemons.

As its name suggests, the SolarJuice battery can be charged with sunlight (or at home in an outlet) and in any light conditions via its 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel. A full SolarJuice outputs 20,000mAh of power through dual outputs, allowing for simultaneous, high-speed charging of 2 devices at once. It is compatible with most USB devices, including both iOS and Android. The battery itself has a rugged design that's shockproof and rain-resistant, as well as compact and lightweight (1.1 pounds; 155mm x 83mm x 25.6mm).

The SolarJuice has 1,000+ recharge cycles over the life of its battery. A quad of LED indicators reflect the charging and discharging processes, and the unit also includes an ultrabright LED flashlight. Selected from the best of CES 2015, you can get your ZeroLemon SolarJuice for 50% off its retail price for a limited time.

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