X8+ Premier Power Drone

Posted: January 07, 2015
X8+ Premier Power Drone

3D Robotics drones on with the X8+, a self-described Power Drone that's not only ready-to-fly and follow-me compatible, but also the Magnus Samuelsson of quadcopters with its 800-gram lifting capacity. That means the X8+ can carry anything from a GoPro to a professional grade camera, or about 4 quarter pounders with cheese if you know someone at fat camp willing to pay a premium for that sort of special delivery.

The X8+ drone features and modular and expandable platform ideal for a variety of accessories and packages. And if a user accepts a flight time reduction, its 800g load-bearing capacity increases to 1kg. In 3PV Follow Me mode, the flyer and an attached camera will track its contact below, enabling both the collection of precise footage from sweet angles, as well as the creation of highly accurate maps and 3D data.

Take a look at the video to learn more about 3D Robotics' draft horse of a drone, and click here to get your X8+ at a $50 discount from Dude Exclusives. Even better: use the coupon code DUDEX8 to get $100 more off.

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