Wireless Body Composition Scale

By: on March 27, 2015

What happened to the days when girls were content to be made of sugar, spice, and everything nice, and boys snakes, snails, and puppy dog tails? Now I have to find out how much...or little...of me is muscle, water, and fat too? All in the name of health and not acquiring heart disease or being the person who needs 2 seatbelt extenders on my next flight to Vegas? Psshhh. But for those so inclined so set a course to meeting and maintaining fitness goals, BlueAnatomy says its Wireless Body Scale will help keep you on track.

The contemporary, compact bathroom scale is sensor-equipped and Bluetooth-enabled to measure body fat, BMI, water content, muscle percentage, and bone index in addition to straight weight, plus beam the data straight to your iOS or Android device for storage and tracking over time. No cables required, no mathematical equations to calculate, and no obscure readouts or formulas to interpret. All measurements go directly to the BlueAnatomy mobile app where they're categorized, interpreted, and graphed for easy reference.

Tidy up your waistline or get a hand getting ripped for the summer with a 25% discount on the BlueAnatomy Wireless Body Scale, available for limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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Naked 3D Fitness Scanner

$499 from Naked »

All you metric-driven, body-conscious visual learners out there, it's time to get Naked. And anyone else intrigued by the idea of using regular 3D body scans to track health and fitness, you might want to give this full-length...

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The Fat Magnet

$2.40 from Amazon »

I know a lot of fat magnets. I bet you do too. Most of them look more like an ass in need of a run around the block than a reimagined dreidel though. But this Fat Magnet, the dreidel kind, is actually here to help the...

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ShapeScale 3D Body Scanner

$299 - $499 from ShapeScale »

ShapeScale says its 3D body scanner and fitness tracker is "like a magic mirror that allows you to time travel. See your present and past self from any angle." Hmmm, "magic mirror," huh? Something tells me my relationship...

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Fatworks Animal Fat Cooking Oils

$16.95 - $22.35 from Amazon »

I don't know much, but I do know that I would like some duck fat french fries. Yes please, Baby Jesus! A coupla spiralized russets, a sturdy saucepan, a big, fat wad of Fatworks kettle-rendered quack fat, and I don't...

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Inflatable Chub Suits

$29.99 from Amazon »

WARNING: Keep Chub Suits away from fire. Ha! All I can think of after seeing these tub-o costumes and reading that line is the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. Kids, take note: if you wear an inflatable Chub Suit this Halloween...

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Scalemail Spaulders

$65 from Etsy »

Fashion-forward and cosplaying ladies will love these scalemail spaulders and choker from Silmaril Clothing. Dudes, you might like them too if you can tear your eyes away from the model's tattoo long enough to check them...

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Stink Yourself Slim Spray

Sold Out from Amazon »

Stink Yourself Slim is not a joke. It's not a gag gift or an Instructables project some dude made at home to give to the lardass who hogs all of the chocolate long johns when someone brings donuts to work. Yeah, I know....

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Propane Tank Gauge

$24.99 from Amazon »

This hook-and-lift propane tank gauge claims it can make sure I never run out of gas at the grill again. What a crock. Unless it's some sort of on-call gas delivery drone or, like, a propane micro factory I'm pretty sure...

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Muffin Tops Cupcake Molds

$12.99 from Perpetual Kid »

I love how, along with depicting the unsavory image of a fat person spilling out of his jeans in a way that still makes me want to take a big bite out of his moist and caky excess fat, these muffin top molds also stay...

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Tanita Ironman Body Composition Scale

$239.99 from Amazon »

Even though the Tanita Ironman gets down and dirty with its data, it's possible this is one scale whose numbers could actually make you feel better about your weight. Rather than just flashing out measurements of mass...

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LUMOback Posture Sensor

$149 from LUMOback »

While I would prefer a device and app that cures the back pain caused by my poor posture, I suppose a combo that encourages me to improve my posture to preclude back pain is...well...a distant second since it basically...

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Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

$116.56 from Amazon »

Happy New Year! Here's something to make you feel fat, ugly, and depressed motivate and inspire you to reach your 2014 fitness goals! The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale measures weight, body fat percentage, and body mass...