Welix Two-Wheel Electric Scooter

By: on August 04, 2015

The Welix has no learning curve and requires no skills to use, which is good because you can bet that if I'm too lazy to walk myself down the street or hallway, I am definitely too lazy to learn how to use a complex piece of equipment. This indoor/outdoor personal transporter is auto-balancing and, thanks to independent motor controls on each wheel, travels forward and backward at a slight lean of the feet, and hangs lefts and hooks rights with a 0-degree turning radius.

Welixes (Welices?) weigh 22 pounds, which may not be quite convenient enough for backpack and giant ladies' purse storage, but unlike a bike or scooter...or car...still fits under your desk or in a locker. The two-wheelers can travel over 6 mph for 12 miles, or the approximate distance from Concourse A to Concourse D in the hell-cursed Dallas airport, on a single charge. Samsung lithium batteries recharge in about 2 hours when plugged into a wall outlet. Maximum recommended human weight for use is 220 pounds.

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