Wally Home Hazard Sensing System

By: on December 17, 2014

Nothing says Happy Holidays like a frozen pipe exploding in the basement! Made better only by the residual moisture it leaves and resultant mold you discover come spring. Wally is a home hazard sensing system devised to alert you to the potential of these issues before they materialize as nuisances. Or money-sucking disasters.

Wally detects leaks using sensors that track telling symptoms such as temperature, humidity, moisture, and mold growth. Place the sensors around your house in areas susceptible to unsavory infiltrations, and as they record readings they'll communicate them back to the Wally Hub through the wiring in your walls. (Additional wiring installation is not required, and each sensor operates on a 10-year battery.)

When Wally notes something wonky, it will send alerts via email, text, or push notification describing the conditions and giving you the opportunity to investigate and deal with them before they escalate into a giant, expensive pain in the butt joint. Wally provides these services without a subscription fee, and with no professional installation needed.

The Wally home hazard sensing system is also compatible with the Nest Learning Thermostat so you can control your temperature in a manner that will sustain the health of your home.

Wally connects with a mobile/web dashboard for iOS or Android.

Get your Wally sensing system for $199--11% off retail value--from the Dude Exclusives online store. Deal is available for a limited time.

Note: the Dude Exclusives online store is hosted and managed by Stack Commerce, a third party not directly affiliated with DudeIWantThat.com. All order, customer service, and general inquiries should be submitted through the Dude Exclusives Customer Support page. Inquiries submitted through other contact forms or channels may not receive a timely response.

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