VOXOA Water-Resistant Bluetooth Earbuds

By: on June 23, 2015
VOXOA Water-Resistant Bluetooth Earbuds

Take 50% off this set of VOXOA Earbuds and take the premium stereo transmitters with you on a run, ride, or gentle stroll through Southern Florida in August. While they might not survive a dunk tank or Nickelodeon-style sliming, these water-resistant Bluetooth earbuds will definitely stand up to your sweatiest music-driven pursuits. A little singin' in the rain won't scathe them either.

VOXOA prides itself on producing crystal clear sound quality even in wireless earphones. These Bluetooth-ready earbuds produce CD-quality music with expansive base and audio enhancement, plus have Clear Voice Capture technology for uninterrupted phone communication. A full charge can deliver up to 6 hours of straight audio, in both dry and wet conditions thanks to VOXOA's water-resistant nano technology. The earbuds can also connect to multiple devices simultaneously.

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