Ultra Soft Bamboo Bed Sheets

By: on September 20, 2016
Ultra Soft Bamboo Bed Sheets
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I think Ciel Boutique get a few too many sets of gray bamboo sheets in their last shipment, because they're offering them up to you at a 72% discount while supplies last. If you like that mid-tone shade of gray, and you like not sweating your balls off while you sleep, a set of gray bamboo sheets for $32.98 could be a most wise investment in bedroom decor and comfortable Zs for you.

I sleep on bamboo sheets for their cooling, aerating properties. I like them. Even in winter since She-Ra: Princess of Power insists on keeping the condo thermostat at, like, 74 degrees. And I know she turns it up to 76 when I'm not there. These sheets are made of a mixture of bamboo yarns and microfiber designed to keep them soft and wrinkle-free. They come as set that includes 1 x flat sheet, 1 x fitted sheet, and 2 x pillow cases in your choice of full, queen, or king mattress sizes.