truBrain Think Drinks

Posted: March 24, 2017
truBrain Think Drinks

truBrain Think Drinks are energy shots, sure, but they're not--or at least their calculated packaging and scientific assertions say they're not--your typical caffeine-and-corn-syrup-laden boosters. truBrain focuses on...focus. The nootropic drinks market themselves as cognitive enhancers that increase focus, attention, mental acuity, complex reasoning, productivity, and ability to attract and seduce ladies. Well. They call the last bit "overall performance" but I think it's fair to infer that's what they mean.

truBrain potions come in Original and Boost 1-ounce shots. Both pack a load of nootropics and nutrients, ranging from Oxiracetam & Citicoline for focus and concentration to carnitine for natural energy and mood enhancement. truBrain Boost also incorporates Uridine and Centrophenoxine, compounds said to aid in the production of RNA and sustaining higher levels of energy. The effect: improved cognition and memory. Read more about truBrain ingredients, nootropics, and "Studies show"-type information here.

If you're ready to promote the longterm health of your brain without the crash side effects of other energy drinks, you can opt in to truBrain's subscription service, which auto-ships 16 Original and 4 Boost drinks (20 total) to you every month. And you can snag your first month's shipment for 51% off retail value for a limited time.

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