truBrain Think Capsules

Posted: July 09, 2016
truBrain Think Capsules
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Like the truBrain energy drink, truBrain "smart drug" capsules are not your typical caffeine-and-corn-syrup-laden booster. truBrain focuses on...focus. The nootropic supplements market themselves as cognitive enhancers that increase focus, attention, mental acuity, complex reasoning, productivity, and ability to attract and seduce ladies. Well. They call the last bit "overall performance" but I think it's fair to infer that's what they mean.

truBrain capsules come stuffed with a load of nootropics and nutrients, ranging from Oxiracetam and Citicoline for focus and concentration to carnitine for natural energy and mood enhancement to algae-based DHA for brain health.

Click through to this deal from truBrain and you'll get a month's supply of brain power pills for 44% off.

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