Trakdot Smart Luggage Tracker & Subscription

Posted: April 21, 2015
Trakdot Smart Luggage Tracker & Subscription

The Trakdot luggage finder is a palm-sized suitcase insert that collaborates with an online service or mobile app to reassure travelers--or break the bad news--of their luggage's whereabouts upon landing. Trakdot recognizes when it's in flight and goes to sleep, but on the ground the device constantly monitors the cellular network to determine your bag's location, sending text or email updates upon landing to confirm whether or not fliers' checked belongings have arrived with them, and where exactly they are in the airport.

Trakdot is able to function even inside metal containers, reporting locations of anything from suitcases to guitar cases on their way to Jamaica, plus purses and backpacks that may be snatched from a coffee shop or your shoulder. Information is displayed on the device's app or a web browser.

The Trakdot requires 2, standard AA batteries for operation, plus a subscription to the Trakdot tracking service ($19.99/year). Grab one through Dude Exclusives and you'll receive the Trakdot device and its first pair of batteries, plus a 2-year subscription for 11% off retail value.

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