TrackR Bravo Locating Device

Posted: September 22, 2015
TrackR Bravo Locating Device

The size of a quarter, the value of your sanity. Attach a TrackR Bravo Bluetooth location device to any important item and maintain a permanent link to its whereabouts. Keys, luggage, pets, aging grandmothers, anything you tend to play frustrating games of hide-and-seek with on a regular basis is a swell subject for a Bravo.

The fob-like Bluetooth devices pair with a TrackR app on your smartphone to provide feedback on their current location. If stolen and carried out of your smart device's range, a TrackR'ed item that is within 100' of another user's device will also appear with GPS information on your app.

The TrackR Bravo is disc is made of black anodized aluminum and includes a metal carabiner for latching onto bags, keychains, etc. Its 31mm diameter and 3.5mm thickness guarantee you'll hardly notice it's there, and a yearlong battery life makes sure it will be there for the long haul when you do want to take notice. Additional TrackR Bravo features include:

  • Distance Indicator. Displays the distance between you and your items.
  • App alerts you if you're about to leave the tracked item behind.
  • Records the last known location of a tagged item that has been misplaced.
  • Includes a water-resistant case for use at the pool, beach, or snow-capped mountain.

TrackR Bravo tech is compatible with: iPhone 4S and later; iPad 3rd generation or later; and Android 4.4 and later with Bluetooth Low Energy. Get yours, along with its carabiner and case, for 31% off for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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