Tonino Lamborghini Watches

Posted: January 20, 2018
Tonino Lamborghini Watches
$885 - $1,795
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Lamborghini watches, Lamborghini price tags. Whether these Tonino Lamborghini timepieces have the moxie to back up those thousand-plus tags depends on how hard their sports car curves and features, and Lambo insignias do it for you. Limp, half-chub, full woody, or raging boner?

If you said raging boner, some good news is that a few pieces in a few different Tonino Lamborghini series have been marked down 30% to 38% for a limited time. You can choose from a gold Model 3010, a gold and black carbon pattern Wheel series, a black Brake 8 Quartz, or a black, rose, black and red, silver, or black and yellow Spyder.

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