TokyoFlash Breathalyzer Watch

Posted: May 22, 2015
TokyoFlash Breathalyzer Watch

Like playing the bagpipes or rolling your eyeballs into the back of your sockets, I would prefer that you not drink and drive. Even if you're really good at it. TokyoFlash agrees. So they made the Kisai Breathalyzer Watch to both tell you the time and, with its built-in blood alcohol content sensor, tell you when it's time to call a cab.

Still true to the company's trademark futuristic aesthetics, the Breathalyzer Watch's digital time readout is somewhat hidden in the shadows of its face. Look in between the pixels to gauge how far you are from last call. Once assured there are hours ahead, field test your skills with Kisai Breathalyzer's sobriety game, a simple--but not easy for the inebriated--challenge of hitting a button to stop a line moving across the screen at dead center.

When it's time to head out, open the watch's side-mounted sensor cap, and press its alcohol button to begin the test. Once the sensor indicates it's ready to receive your hot, Jack-infused breath, just blow and go. Or, more likely, blow and don't go. A 5-second exhalation will report BAC at 10 different levels. A green display indicating 0.00% means you're the DD. Levels between between 0.041% and 0.060% produce a yellow display, and tell you you're buzzing. At 0.061% or above, you get a red display designating you as drunkety drunk. But hopefully still jolly and enthused, not sitting in the corner sobbing on a barstool like a girl and lamenting about how you accidentally took a sip of beer with gluten it. Either way, though, the wise old watch is telling you to call a cab on your way out, bro.

The Kisai Breathalyzer Watch is USB-chargeable and made of an ABS plastic case, with a stainless steel buckle and silicone strap. Get it in Black or White for 26% off retail price for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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