Titan Virtually Indestructible Lightning Cable

By: on July 31, 2015

Tangle-proof, virtually indestructible, and kind of fun for idle hands to dink around with, Fuse Chicken's Titan replaces the limp, damage-prone plastic cords you've been using to charge your iPhone. This MFi-certified (Apple-approved certification) cable is double-wrapped in industrial-grade flexible steel, with USB and lightning ends permanently sealed for longevity. The resilient Titan is made to last for life, and will falter neither at the hands of an electrical spike, nor under the teeth of black lab looking for a chew toy.

Titan MFi-certified cables are compatible with all lightning devices, and come backed by a limited lifetime warranty. I think that probably means Fuse Chicken will replace yours if the ends wear and displace or the cable spontaneously combusts, but not if you test its virtual indestructibility with an axe or 445NM Infinity Blue Laser Blaster. Titans are selling at 28% off retail value for a limited time in the Dude Exclusives online store.

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