Titan M & Titan M Loop Cable Bundle

Posted: November 05, 2015
Titan M & Titan M Loop Cable Bundle

Why do you need two Titans? Because two descendants of the primordial deities is much, much better than one. Also, the Titan M Loop add-on to the Titan virtually indestructible USB-Micro USB cable is sized for stowing and stashing, either folded in half on your belt loop or backpack strap, or tucked inside your bag or the keyhole of your MyPakage.

Titans, also available with Lightning connectors, are tangle-free cables wrapped two times in industrial-grade flexible steel. The ends are then permanently sealed in a one-piece housing fused directly over the cord for lasting strength and durability. The cables are made to serve you over your whole long and prosperous life. Or at least until the tech world comes out with yet another series of connectors that make all of the ones we currently own obsolete.

Get your tag team of 3.25' and 9" Titan USB-Micro USB cables for 33% off for a limited time from Dude Exclusives.

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